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Risk of std or hiv by touching and kissing?

Hey everyone I'm 20 male i would like to ask a question about the experience that I had yesterday. So I'm not really good at that kind of things that's why here to ask .So yesterday i was with friend of mine in her house she we got close to me and started to touch and got naked and started to masturbate me .Kissed me like two times dry kiss to my lips took like 3 seconds each time.I kinda fingered her like a bit as well .I had no cuts or scars on my finger or my hand as well as she didn't have any blood or cut on her hands. she got on my with her underwear and short on for like 10 seconds as well .I bited my cheek while i was eating food a day before .Idk if it's holding risk after dry kissing am i being at risk of any std or hiv the situation i had no sexual intercourse just like mutual things i had with her please help me thanks
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I'm glad you found us to ask your questions.

There is no risk here at all for any STDs.

STDs transmit either by direct skin to skin (mouth to genital, genital to genital, or anal to genital) contact with rubbing or grinding while unclothed (STDs don't go through clothing or fabric), or with penetration the same way (mouth to genital, genital to genital, or anal to genital).

Things that can transmit with the direct skin-to-skin contact are HPV, herpes and syphilis. Infections that require unprotected penetration are things like gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU (an infection in the urethra), HIV and Hepatitis B, among a few others.

Oral sex can transmit herpes type 1 from the mouth to the genitals, syphilis, and gonorrhea. It's possible chlamydia can be transmitted orally, but not likely.

Kissing doesn't transmit STDs. Handjobs, fingering and mutual masturbation doesn't either.

Condoms can help protect against herpes, HPV and syphilis significantly, but don't offer full protection.

You're fine from your encounter yesterday. Let us know if you have any other questions. :)
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Thank you so much being really nice to reply back to me. It's my very first experience that I'm having .Also when you Google things are getting more complicated. Even it was saying risk of hiv by kissing if you have a cut in your mouth. Basically my main concern was getting hiv that way.She had no blood or noting i can see in her mouth and we had dry quick kisses for few seconds. But the day before while i was eating i bite down my cheek .It's not a big one but when i touch down with my tongue i feel different at that place .I been reading pretty much so much about to make me worry about everything. I had regular check up last month it cost me so much and everything was okay including std tests etc so i don't want to go again to pay that much if no need to worry about thank you.
HIV has never once been transmitted by kissing, even deep french kissing with lots of tongue.  I know some sites say that it's "very unlikely" or whatever, but they are saying that out of an abundance of caution, and it's ridiculous.



There is one case from the 1990s that MAY have been transmitted by kissing with blood, but there was also some other sexual activity, and some dental work (before universal procedures were put in place), so it's never been confirmed that she got HIV from kissing.

So don't kiss with bloody mouths. :)

The way adults (or anyone other than newborn babies) get HIV -

Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse, or sharing needles for drug use

That's it.

You don't need to test, or even worry a minute longer about this. I promise. If you had a risk for HIV or any STD, I'd tell you.

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