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Routine Test STD Question

Hi my last test was on 2018

i see different  Escorts every month or every two weeks all of them are always protected sex and protected oral

One encounter my condom went inside the escort when i check my penis there was no more condom on me so i stopped the intercourse without ejaculation than we put new condom than i finish the job with the new condom.

My question what are my possibilities my test become negative again after this encounter?

My last test were Hep C Ab,HIV Test Chlamydia,gonorrhoeae and trachomatis where negative
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Listen, chances are excellent that you don't have HIV. Most people don't, and your partners probably don't.

The ONLY way you'll know is to test.

Tough love time - you can sit and wonder and worry for another 5 or 6 months, or forever maybe, or you can test. Testing doesn't change the outcome. Either you have HIV or you don't. (You really probably don't.)

Let's assume for a second that you do have HIV. You'll need treatment. HIV is no longer really considered a fatal disease, but rather a chronic one, IF you get treatment.

So get tested. Or keep worrying needlessly for months. What if you're negative and you spend another 6 months worrying for no reason?
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if my hiv comes negative ill invite u guys to my wedding lool
LOL deal. :)
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Also another information is that this was the second time i saw her last time i saw her maby it was a year ago and when i had sex with her and did std checking everything came back negative
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When did the condom come off? How long ago was it? How long after this happened did you test? How long was the condom off?

Hep C is almost never transmitted sexually, as it's only found in blood, not other body fluids like semen or vaginal secretions. When it's transmitted sexually, it's usually unprotected anal sex. You don't need to test again for that.

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1) from the beginning i had condom on me from oral sex to intercourse at one point we change our position to sideway at one point i saw my penis had no more condom so i suddenly stop the intercurse without ejaculation she removes the condom from vagina than she puts new condom on than we continue the sex
2) maby 5 months ago?
3) No i didn't test because im scared i might have hiv from this encounter i have a phobia ( i told my brother about it he told i should be fine as long as i notice it fast and put new condom on
4)i'm not 100% percent sure mabye maximum 2 min?

i read on this forum about condom slip or condom going inside about more than 200 topics no one has ever contracted hiv this way the only thing is that i'm not worried because i notice the condom inside of her pretty fast and i didnt ejaculate  
Also when i pull out my penis to put new condom on me there was no blood no semen or any Body Fluids this was my second time i had slept with this escort the last time i had slept with her it was condom protect without any slippage or condom break and when i test everything was negative
what are you'r opinions?
So it happened maybe 5 months ago, you haven't tested since then?

Your previous tests were before this incident?

If you were only unprotected for a brief time, chances are really good that you didn't get anything. Your chances of getting chlamydia are higher than HIV, because it's far more common. Most people don't have HIV, including escorts.

It's far more efficient to just test and get your results than to sit around for 5 more months and worry, right? This whole thing could be behind you in a week.

You should know that there is no such thing as 100% safe sex. Other than condoms breaking and falling off, condoms only reduce the transmission of herpes, syphilis and HPV by about 50%. These are transmitted by skin to skin contact, when your genital skin comes into contact with their genital skin. Condoms don't cover the entire area of skin, so transmission is still possible.

I don't say this to scare you, but just to let you know.

HPV is considered an inevitability of sexual activity now. Most people - around 90% - will get at least one strain of it in their lifetimes. Many strains don't give you symptoms, so you could have it and not know it.

Again - not trying to freak you out, just inform you.

Just go test and put this anxiety to rest. If you are sexually active, you should be testing regularly. It's part of the responsibility of being a sexually active adult. :)

1) yes the previous test was before this incident
2) the only reason i'm not test is because the  risk i had i'm afraid my Hiv test might come positive
No matter what, you should get tested. Most of the chances you are negative again. You can do it buddy! Go tested.
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