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STD Risk Pritected Vaginal/Oral w/ Caveat

I had protected oral and vaginal intercourse with two European CSWs. I had a healing wound from an inguinal hernia from two months prior a few inches above the base of my penis.  Most of the scar is just that, but closer to the penis, it regular scabs and reopens with a bit of blood. A few hours prior to intercourse I noticed the scab had reopened and stupidly I did not cover it with a bandaid.

I had a DUO test performed at both 21 and 28 days which was negative. I tested again this morning at 44 days. Not really worried about HIV, but that I had an open wound has put great stress on me. Likewise, I know the mind can play some amazing tricks and lead to actual physical ailments so I am not ruling that out. Lots of body pains, irritated throat, red spots that look like white heads in various locations and headaches. All come and go.

My main question is should I be worried about Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, NGU, Herpes, Syphillis from this exposure? My girlfriend has come down with a UTI. I had unprotected sex with her after my 30-day DUO. I thought it was conclusive at 28-days (apparently not) and that there was no risk of Chlamydia, Gonorhea or NGU due to protected sex?

Currently my eyes are puffy below the eye, but no scabbing or real redness. Perhaps allergies or could it be Chlamydia of the eye? I got a test for that and Gonorhea to rule that out this morning.

Truely I’m freaked out about something I thought was generally risk free. Thoughts?
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Everything you did was protected, so I wouldn't worry about gonorrhea or chlamydia, or NGU (though you can get that from oral from your gf when normal mouth bacteria enters the urethra).

If you haven't had symptoms of syphilis or herpes (sores on your mouth or genitals), I wouldn't worry about those either, since the chances of getting anything from a totally protected encounter are very slim.

I'd guess the puffy eyes are from allergies, but if that lingers, get it checked. It's not due to an STD.

UTIs are really common in women. That's not something I'd connect with an STD if the doctors tested her and determined by test that it was a UTI.
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