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STD symptoms

So 70 days ago I had unprotected vagina sex with a CSW. After that day I had testicale pain groin pain and frequent urination. But there was no discharge. Evereything was gone after 10 days. I used some antibiotics but I didnt get the antibiotic from a doctor. My nurse friend gave it to me for using just for couple of days. I took a urine test at day 16. My urine was clear. Everything was normal. Do I need an another test for chlamydia or gonorrhea?
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What is the time line here? When did you take the antibiotics? Was that before or after you tested?

How long after the encounter did you get the symptoms? What antibiotic did you take?

If you can be really specific, like you took the antibiotic on day 5 for 3 days and tested on day 16, or whatever is, that will be really helpful.
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Hello,thank you for the response.I started to take antibiotics at day 5-6 to the day  13-14. The name of the antibiotic is Amoklavin. I live in Turkey so the name of the antibiotic could be different from the place where you live. I dont really know the what is it for. After maybe using the antibiotic for 8 days my symptoms were gone. And I took the test at day 16. It was normal. I also had like HIV/ARS kinda symptoms. But I asked about it to the hiv community. My last test was 4th gen hiv test at day 55,hep B and c, and syphilis test. Everyting is negative. But I only took the urine test at day 16.
I have doubts that I might miss the gonorrhea or chlamydia. Because I used antibiotics for 8-9 days.
And also I started to feel symptoms the second day. I felt a little bit pain when I walk in my left groin. After 4 days I started to feel testicale pain and weak legs and frequent urination. But as I said before there was no blood or discharge when I pee.
Okay, so amoklavin is amoxicillin, according to Google. Amox won't cure any STD, but will cure urinary tract infections, which your symptoms could describe.

Unfortunately, since you took the tests just a few days after stopping the antibiotic, your tests may be a false negative, but you could test again now and put your mind at ease.

Since your symptoms cleared up, my guess is you had a urinary tract infection unrelated to the encounter, or if she performed oral sex on you, you may have gotten an infection in your urethra that she had in her mouth, but it wasn't typically an STD bacteria. This could be something that normally causes strep throat, bronchitis, or perhaps it was viral, and it would have cleared without the antibiotic.

She could also have had those vaginally if another client had performed oral on her, and then you got them in your urethra. If she isn't using condoms for you, it's a good possibility she isn't for others.

Your other tests - HIV, hep B (which you've likely been vaccinated for, but check with your doctor), hep C, and syphilis tests are all conclusively negative.
Thank you for your answers.I learnt that I have a vaccine for Hep B when I tested for everything. Im going to take a urine test again 3 days later then. Once again thank you for the informations.
You're welcome. Let us know what happens.
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