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STDs/STIs transmission from eating own cum

Hi team,
I need help I am a married man and did some stupid mistake on 28.11.2019 in a massage sutdio.
I got massaged and we did a lot of unprotected oral sex and the CSW masturbated me and after that she forced me to lick her fingers and i totally forgot that she had a lot of cum from me when she masterubated me and i licker the filgers and swallowed everything.
what are the chances that i could get anything serious?
what should i do in urgent cases what tests should i take etc
or is there nothing to worry about
i have alot of sore muscles and pain in the bones.
dizzness and fatigue lossing focus and sleepy all the time
please help
kind regards
thanks in advance
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i am back here for the last couple of days i am feeling extremely sick
1. having sore throat
2. muscle pain around neck and back of tue head
3. pain in tummy
4. fever never goes down ( 37.5)
5. Flu

bonus point i went to the doctor and asked for an oral gonhorrea test i cannot beleive that the doctors are unaware of Oral gonhorrea in such a developed and advanced country
i have gone through a post on another forum that gonhorrea can be present in throat and also in curvix what so ever.
my question if i get tested for gonhorrea in general (i.e. blood test) would it detect the oral gonhorrea or there are different tests for detecting stds which can be present anywhere in the body ?
if you know anything please let me know i am living in Germany
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None of these are symptoms for oral gonorrhea, except maybe a sore throat.

When you went to the doctor, did you explain your symptoms? Did they do any testing on you at all? Did he look in your throat?

So I just did some research. Apparently, Germany isn't great at the testing. I found these:





So a lot of what I've found says to go to your local Gesundheitsamt. I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds like a clinic. They say it's anonymous and you don't have to explain why you want testing.

Yes, gonorrhea can be in the throat, the urethra in men, the cervix in women (men don't have one of these), and in the rectum.

Remember though that if you have gonorrhea in your throat it's because you have it in your urethra because you ate your own semen. You can just go get regular gonorrhea test.
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You won't get anything from ingesting your own semen - and I absolutely agree that you need to talk to someone about your anxiety over this - but you had unprotected oral sex.

You can get genital hsv1 (if you don't have oral hsv1 already), syphilis, gonorrhea and NGU from receiving oral sex.

None of the symptoms you describe are symptoms of an STD. They are symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Symptoms of STDs are pain while urinating, discharge, sores on your genitals.

Since you are married, you'll want to test for gonorrhea and NGU, at least. Syphilis is fairly uncommon, and unless you get a sore, I wouldn't worry about it. You can get a urine test tomorrow for gonorrhea and NGU.

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should i test for gongorrhea in the throat since i ate my own cum?
If you think you got gonorrhea in your throat from swallowing your own semen, then you have gonorrhea in your urethra. You need to see a doctor about that. If you got gonorrhea in your throat from swallowing your semen, then you had a pre-existing gonorrhea infection. It wouldn't be from this encounter. The infection wouldn't have had time to take hold yet.

You seem like you're obsessing over swallowing your semen. This happens more often than you may think. Don't freak over it. If you think you have gonorrhea, get tested.
thanks can you recommend some tests just to make sure wht tests should i take?
what else?
can you name them please? in one go i will make notes and get tested in the local laboratory ;)
thanks in advance
You just took some tests - what were they?

Gonorrhea, NGU (looking for white blood cells in your urine) and syphilis. Gonorrhea and NGU are accurate at 5 days, syphilis is accurate at 6 weeks. Syphilis is less common, though, so I wouldn't overly worry about that.
i just took an HIV TESTA FOR the exposure i had in August
this post is related to the most recent exposure i had last thursday 28.11.2019
Okay, then just get done what I listed.

Since you're married, and this freaks you out every time it happens, you might want to look into why you keep doing it. No judgement - your choices are your own - but your mental health is important.
now i developed a pain in the neck and back neck muscle hurting like **** cant even move my neck lips are damaged and hurting and buring and i wanna vomit all the time could be any symptoms
of any Std and i asked the doctor he said wait for 6 weeks then we test all stds panel what should i do what my symptoms say?
That sounds more like the flu, or like you've pulled a muscle or something. That doesn't sound like an STD.

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If you got an STD from licking your own semen, that would mean you already had an STD.  Right?  Let's think about that. This is a huge over reaction to something that makes no sense to worry about.  No risk for licking your semen off of someone's hand.
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what if i have an STD/STI already? would it mean that the normal infection will turn into the SUPER INFECTION? which cannot be treated later on?
and can i also get HIV with this?
From your own semen?  Stop.  This doesn't make sense.  You can't give yourself an std or hiv.
When we are so anxious that we believe we are giving ourselves std's/hiv, it is time for sincere, earnest and extreme professional help for anxiety. I say that with compassion as all ability to remain reasonable is being overruled by anxiety.  Talk to your doctor. Anxiety is something you can treat.  
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