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Hi all. 2 days ago I met a fellow man. We lied on the bed and mutually masturbated. I did not touch his penis nor did he touch mine. We only pleasured ourselves whilst watching each other laying next to each other. However, when i came, he wiped up *** from pubic region/stomach with his hand and then used it on his own penis as lubrication. As far as I can remember, this is the only physical contact we had. I am extremely worried that since he touched me i have a risk of contracting an STI. He assures me that he has recently been tested and is all clean. I have a wife and I do not want to put her at risk. This has been a terrible mistake and I wish my curiosity did not get the better of me. Can someone please advise if I have put myself at risk.
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No risk
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thanks. what if he briefly touched my penis with his hand when wiping the semen? I don't think this happened and i think it was just the pubic region/stomach but i am worried.
Sti is not known to be transmitted this way they are known to be transmitted through unprotected sex
so there is no need to test. even though his hand touched my pubic region/stomach to wipe up my semen? Thank you for putting my mind at rest.
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