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STI from a CBJ and prostate massage?

Hi doctor, I’ve always wanted to try out the massage Parlour down the street. 3 weeks ago I finally did. I was mindful to use a condom while I was given a blowjob. She also used gloves while giving me a prostate massage. 3 weeks later I find my nether regions (anus and testicular area) itching from time to time. I’m wondering if I could have caught an STI
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Nothing you mention puts you and any std risk.
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Thanks. Any chance i’ll catch something from the sheets, towels etc? The itch is throwing all rationality out of me
Nope, no chance. You could have a fungal infection or something, but it's not an STD from this encounter.

It could also be a hyper-awareness of the area because of anxiety. If it lingers, just get it checked.
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