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Small red spots on penis & single skin color lump/spot on urethra opening

Have a concern over contracting an sti/std. Had sexual contact with a csw and currently having below symptoms. I have had a split urine when going to toilet for over a year now so not sure if the spot/lump i have now was an existing issue or a result of my sexual ecnounter
Small barely noticable red spots on penis, single spot/lump on opening of urethra (skin color with slight dark blue hint on the inside of urethra). No discharge (at least nothing that I could notice) had an itchy feeling for one day then it went away. Also have a white layer on my penis occasionaly that washes away in the shower. Did not have unprotected sex though did have sex with a casual sex worker and only indirect contact (her touching her vagina and then my penis at one point). Any ideas on what this could be? Should I have a doctor check this out?
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I got the smae thing and cant figure out what it is
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Hi, if all that happened was the touching you mentioned, there was no risk for any STD.
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