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Std from saliva spit in eye?

Hey.yesterday I was in my college lunch room sitting when a stranger( female) disrespectfully mumbled to me and accidentally her spit got in my left eye. I felt a drop. She seems like a person who is high risk for STDs. My friend told me she is and she offers sex for money. So now that I know that am I at risk for any stds? If so please explain to me. Is hepititis something I have to think about. Syphlis too? Or others?
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There is no risk here for anything, assuming that what you felt was actually her saliva.

Hepatitis A is spread only by fecal matter (poop). It's mostly spread by contaminated food. Not a concern here.

Hep B is found in saliva, but not in levels high enough to transmit, and you've probably been vaccinated for it. Most people your age have been. Not a concern.

Hep C is found only in blood, and is mostly transmitted by sharing needles for drug use. Not a concern.

Syphilis, herpes and HPV are transmitted only by direct skin to skin contact. Skin to skin means mouth to genital skin, genital to genital or anal to genital, while unclothed. Not a concern here.

HIV is found in saliva, but not in levels high enough to transmit. Not a concern here.

Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, and NGU require penetration - penis in mouth, penis in vagina, penis in anus - to transmit. Not a concern here. You can get chlamydia and gonorrhea in your eye. This happens during birth or from touching a discharge and then touching your eye. Not a concern here.

Advice you didn't ask for, but I'm giving you anyway: I have no idea what makes someone seem like a person who is at high risk for STDs, and don't be the guy who spreads rumors about others. You have no idea that this person is promiscuous, offers sex for money, or anything like it. Don't be that guy who spreads vicious rumors about women.

Anyone who has unprotected sex with more than one person is at risk for STDs, and you're in the age group that has the most infections. Take some time to educate yourself about STDs, and don't judge others. It really only makes you look bad.
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Hi you had zero risk for any std and in fact saliva contains enzines that kill germs.
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