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Std risk from brief Oral encounter

Sorry I posted this question earlier but it auto corrected to say dog

I was receiving a handjob from an Asian massage therapist. She briefly put her mouth on the tip of my penis but I immediatley pulled it away and said I just wanted the hand job. It was literally 1 second. Am I at risk ?
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Glad to read that no dogs were harmed in the making of this post lol.

Your handjob was risk free.

Oral sex even prolonged can be classed as low risk activity in face some STI can’t be spread via oral at all.

The brief contact in my opinion only serves to make it even lower risk. I would not be concerned at all.

Your main low risks if there is a risk at all is gonorrhoea, NGU, Herpes, syphilis. Like I said the risks is for full on oral sex I don’t think this happened with you. The order good thing is as a general rule all of these are symptomatic so if you don’t get symptoms in the first three week that’s pretty much conclusive.

Please don’t panic. No reason to, hope you enjoyed it.

Woof x
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