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Std risk ! :(

Hey medhelp please help me:((! Yesterday I had protected oral sex from a prostitude while I was in a sitted position. Some of her saliva traveled in my anus area. I'm worried sick if I could get any std of this. If so please advise me what test I should do
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Yeah sis theirs a problem. The doctor in urgent care saw my lesions in my shaft and seems to not know what it could be and says it could be warts :( but it doesn't add up I never had sexual intercourse in the past. And always used protection for oral sex
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Did he do any testing? Did he say the word "lesions" or is that something you are saying?

Warts aren't lesions, and you aren't at risk for those.

What's the next step? Biopsy? Referral to another doc?
No testing hun. He couldn't give me a referral because "according" to him I have metro plus insurance. Lol. I have to go find a specialist my self. I think I'll research a  dermatologist in my area.  
Good idea. Keep us posted.
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My bad for annoying you sis. It's just my first encounter I've had and it was not a good idea.
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You aren't annoying me. I just don't post on the weekends.

No, genital warts take a couple of months to appear.

Just go get things looked at. You can ask me all the questions, but it won't be nearly as worthwhile as having a doctor examine you and telling you that things are fine.

Let me know what happens.
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There's no risk to this.

The only STDs that you're at risk for from oral sex are syphilis, genital hsv1, gonorrhea and NGU.

Syphilis transmits with direct contact with a sore. You used a condom, so you're fine there.

Genital hsv1 is transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact, like mouth-to-genital. Again, you used a condom, so you're good.

Gonorrhea is transmitted if the bacteria enters your urethra, and since the head of your penis was covered, you aren't at risk. You can get it anally, but saliva traveling to your anus wouldn't cause this. If you were penetrated anally, that would be a risk.

NGU is any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea (NGU stands for non-gonoccocal urethritis). Since the head of your penis was covered, you're good.

You don't have to worry.
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I have a few questions.
1.  Does having hemorrhoids change anything

2. How could I test for ngu?

3. I heard that saliva does carry std I want your opinion on that

4. When is the best time to test
Thank you ur reply will be very appreciated :)
Her saliva did enter in my anus by accident I'm so nervous if anything could have gone in there
1.  Does having hemorrhoids change anything


2. How could I test for ngu?

You used a condom. You don't need to test for NGU. The head of your penis was covered, meaning no germs could get into your urethra.

3. I heard that saliva does carry std I want your opinion on that

There are lots of sites that say STDs are transmitted by saliva. This isn't technically true. While saliva may carry the herpes virus if it comes into contact with a herpes sore, this didn't happen here. You don't mention any herpes sores.

You can get NGU from things like strep and adenovirus, that can be transmitted by saliva, but since the head of your penis was covered, you're fine. Those aren't considered STDs.

4. When is the best time to test

You don't need to test.

Her saliva did enter in my anus by accident I'm so nervous if anything could have gone in there

You don't know that it entered your anus, and unless your anus was stretched and open (it wasn't - that happens with fingering, which you would have mentioned), saliva wouldn't have entered your anus.

Even if you were rimmed (her mouth on your anus), the chances of you getting anything are very slim. Gonorrhea resides in the throat, and your anus isn't exposed to her throat. Most anal STDs are caused by anal sex, not rimming.

You don't need to test. If receiving oral in a sitting position put you at any higher risk than standing, we'd have proof of that. It doesn't. You're fine, just really anxious.
Auntiejessi thanks for helping me out and understanding me your such a wonderful person. Your personality says everything.im happy to find this site were my problems won't be judged and explained with reasoning. Do you think Molluscum Contagiosum could put me at risk though I'm just saying.
And I forgot to mention that once I came back home I showered and rubbed my anal area and did mini fingering to it just to clean don't know if that was a bad choice
You had no risk. Nothing that your anxiety suggests or that you find on the internet is going to change that.

Molluscum isn't spread by oral sex.

You can finger yourself all day and it's not an STD risk. Showering after makes no difference - it doesn't help prevent infection or cause infection. Fingering yourself after doesn't create risk.

If you are this anxious normally, talk to your doctor about it.

You had NO RISK. If you had a risk, I'd tell you, I promise.
Then how come I noticed molluscum lesions in my penis?
The same day I got oral sex
Is it possible to see those in just 11 hours
Auntie Jessie my brother don't get annoyed from me this would be my last question
I'm your sister, but that's okay. :)

No, molluscum takes months to appear after infection, not hours. It would probably be 2 months before you'd see symptoms of molluscum, of not longer. If you have molluscum, it's not from this encounter.

You had no risk from this encounter at all.
Just to be sure then how does it look like? My bad for calling you brother lol :)
What does what look like? Molluscum? You can google it and find images.

There is no STD that would have symptoms that appear that quickly.
Okay thank you for your  help. I don't know why I do feel discomfort in my anal area. This make me feel so lonely and depressed about this
Never in my 19 years of my life felt actual depression now I know how it feels
Your reaction to this is way out of proportion to the risk level. If you have discomfort in your anal area, it may be from the hemorrhoids, or it's anxiety.

Go get yourself looked at if you need to, but I assure you that it's not an STD from this encounter. While you're there, talk to your doctor about your anxiety and depression.
Yes honestly it has to stop. I think I will sign in for counseling for anxiety. But in the mean time do you think citymd or a urgent care could check in my anus area. I'm kind of shy to do it
Yes, any doctor will check your anus. I understand being shy about it, but honestly, to a doctor, your anus is just another body part, like an elbow or ear.

I worked at an STD clinic for years. Trust me when I say that doctors have heard things far worse than this story, and have seen things far worse than whatever your anus looks like. I promise. :)
And yes, definitely check out the counseling for anxiety. That's important.
Hey would hpv or genital warts appear in a week after receiving oral sex just curious. Because I see a bumb on my groin and it's kind of hard.
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