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Sti/std scare. Had protected oral and kinda fingered prostitute

Hello,im a guy. Yesterday I received protected oral (with a condom) from a prostitute. It lasted for probably 10 minutes. During which, I rubbed her vagina and anus with my bare hands and her vagina secretions were on my hands. Everything lasted 30 minutes. A while later I washed my hands and penis with hot soapy water. I couldn't tell if she had any sores or not since the lighting was dark. I'm very frightened and regretful

Am I at risk for any stds? What should I do?should I get tested? Please help
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you use condom for oral no risk touching fingering doesn’t transmitted std
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Thank you. What about hepatitis b? I was vaccinated when I was a kid, I'm now 20. Should I be concerned there?
hep b needs to enter through body from semen ,blood or body fluids so when you tocuh someone’s private part how it can transmitted?
and no you dont have hep b if your too worry talk to your famly doctor
Totally agree with all of this.

You can ask your doctor for a blood test to see if you still have immunity to hep B - you should - but you used a condom and fingering doesn't transmit STDs, so from this encounter, you're fine.
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