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Strange STD

Hi, I have an extensive history of mysterious STD symptoms that no one can figure out. here's a new one.

About 4-5 times over the course of 4 years or so, I get a thing that looks like really bad ingrown hair between my scrotum and thigh. it swells, then pops with puss, much like an ingrown hair, which is what I thought it was, but this time, it was at the base of my shaft. It popped eventually and scabbed, but it was very unnerving and strange.

Here are some chronological pictures from the course of a week (the one thats scabbing at the end is the end of the week, and it starts out as a small reddish bump. it goes away without a trace)

This is not a virus, it's a google drive link to pictures I took of the progression:


For years, whenever I've stopped using a condom with a long term partner, I (usually, but not always) get what looks more or less like a really bad case of guanaria, but it wasn't. White blood cells in my pee, hurt to pee, hurt to have an erection, discharge. Went away with antibiotics, but no diagnosis. This has happened 6-7 times over the years since I've been sexually active.

I have been struggling for an answer for so long, any advice or help is appreciated.
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thank you for your comment! I greatly appreciate it. Are you a doctor?
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Hi, your genital bumps would not appear to be related to any std but would be int the pimple family.
To get to the bottom of the cronic urinary track infection, the next time it occures have the discharge swabbed.
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