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Stupid night please help need to know chances of exposure! :S

well i will just get straight to it. Last night I met a shemale prostitutes (ladyboy), i was  extreamly drunk and during a taxi ride the tip my tounge made very brief contact with the head of her penis, i would say that it lastedfor  second or less. i basicaly pulled back straight away and decided not to giver her oral sex. later that night i think she may have given me unprotected oral sex for 1 second, until i quickly decided that i prefer she those so with a condom. I may have also gave a couple pecks on the lips but nothing even close to a french kiss. I live in the philippines and am very worried about this brief sexual contact with a gay prostitute. the prostitute showed no sighn of STD

1. What are my chances of getting infected from an STD when it comes to the tip of my tounge briefly touching the head of her penis (which lasted a second or less)

2.What possible STD may i have contracted from my actions?

3. how big is my risk of reciving uprotected oral sex when the activity only lasted a minute?

i am very worried and am feeling anxiety Thank you for all your help

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Your risk was very low.

1.  no risk here

2.  see answer 3

3.  Your risk for unprotected oral includ Gonorrhea and NGU.  Gono will show up typically within 2-5 days with discharge and painful urination.  NGU will take 1-3 weeks to show up and will have similar symptoms.  Don't worry about getting tested unless you have symptoms, but avoid having unprotected sex with anyone for a few weeks to make sure.  
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grace thank you so much truley words from an angel!

more info from anyone eles is still apreciated!. yes iv actualy had this trauma a couple years back when a simular situation happend, the stress lead me to belive i was infected with HIV, except it was just a simple UTI .
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nothing you've mentioned sounds like you contracted a std.   sounds like the guilt of it all is more an issue for you than the actual risk you had.

really, this wasn't really any risk at all from the contact you had. no reason for any worry and no reason for any testing!

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im sorry but i really need to ask one more question..

how rare is it for the incuabtion periond in ghonorrea and NGU to really last further then a week or so.. i mean to have the symptoms show up in 2 weeks to even 4! weeks is absolutly horrifying!

thanks again to all those reading this
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Thank you so much shaken2core for your info and support,

IT has now been 3 days since my encounter with the prostitute and have some bad news. I seem to have devolped a itchyness all around my body except in my gential areas. the itchyness seems to be reactive to baths, strong soaps seem to  be giveing me a burnning  sensation even a rash in my right arm. the sensation could be described as lil prickles around my body, microscopic ants around my body. could this be scapies? or crab lice?. another thing i noticed is that my penis seems way dryer then usual, im having a hard time thinking this is a coincidence :S and am starting to think it has to do with my encounter with the prostitue. i dont seem to have any burning sensations urinating nor do i see any symptoms of an STD, i think i should also note that i was so drunk the night of the incident that i fell asleep with the condom still on me, so could the penis dryness be a reaction from the lubricant in the condom? I have so much anxiety it is very hard to destinguish what is reality or what is in my head. I have not devloped any warts of any kind


1. do any of the following show sighn of a  STD,
     .significantly dryer penis after encounter ( i had a condom left on for around 6 hours)
     . prickles around the body for 2 days now triggered by a shower and seems to intensify during baths, (certain soaps give a sting and temporary rash)
     .penis seems a lil reder then usual and i cant help but notice a tingling sensations
     . at time on the tip of my penis,( i am thinking this is due to the heavy anxiety and paranoia )

2. could any of thease sighns be the begining phase of a type of STD?

My girlfriend is expecting me to have sex with her soon and i am in a lost of solutions :S, i havent recived any real sighns of STDS but have bin warned the incubation period may take weeks. I love her so much but absolutly can not let her find out i cheater on her..
due to the fact that iv bin told im at low risk I may think of having sex with her just to avoid suspison.

3. when would be a good time to get tested for a safe bet that i am clean

im sorry for the repetitvness of my questions and my dramaticism. i am very worried that my girlfriend has a high chance of geting infected and that i might loose her if she ever gets symptons since it will be proof that i had another encounter, wiv both bin clean prior to this

any info is deeply apreciated thank you to all of those who can help me

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Kissing is fine, there is no risk there.
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thank you so much shaken for your information, any other members are still welcome to give there own opinion on the matter. Shaken I agree with you i shouldnt have sex with any other members in order to make sure but do you think kissing my girlfriend will be ok? thanks again for your time to answer my post and god bless
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