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Symptoms of STD Infection in Throat

I am a male and, over a 3 week period, I performed oral sex multiple times on a female whose STD status is unknown to me.   No other sexual activities occurred.   About 10 days after the last time, I developed a sore throat, low fever and fatigue.   The fever was never significant and went away within 24 hours.   The sore throat subsided significantly and is immediately relieved (usually in the morning) after coughing up green / yellow phlegm congestion.  On Day 3 now, sore throat is almost non-existent except mild upon waking in the morning and then gone for the rest of the day after coughing up congestion / phlegm first thing in the morning.   Tested negative for COVID and Flu on Day 2.  Started 5-day, Z-Pac antibiotics on Day 2.   Except for mild and diminishing sore throat in the mornings that is cleared with coughing up congestion, only residual symptom is reducing fatigue.

1. Is it possible my symptoms above could have been caused by an STD infection from the oral sex and, if so, which STD's are even remotely possible culprits?

2.  If the symptoms were caused by and STD, is there any bacterial infection that will not be resolved by the antibiotic if taken completely as directed?

3.  Any viral STD about which I should be concerned based on my activity and symptoms described above?

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coughing up phlegm is usually caused by a respiratory infection (viral or bacterial) and not an STI. Oral STIs are low risk. Even lower risk for a male giving the female oral sex. It is also that time of year when seasonal bugs are hitting us and its a fair hypothesis to state that wearing masks the last couple of years have made this garden variety bugs a little bit worse for us. So to your questions...

1) Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No.

2)  Your risks would have been Chlamydia (unlikely), gonorrhoea, syphilis and HSV. In absence of seeing any sores you can cross Syphilis and HSV off (Syphilis is uncommon in most developed countries). The Z-pac would help with the Chlamydia and potentially early  syphilis a study has noted, but it is not the agreed antibiotics. However this does not sound like an STI given your symptoms.

3) Nope.
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