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Syphilis Test 5 weeks

Hoping someone can let me know if I’m overreacting.

About 40 days ago, I stupidly went to a massage parlour at which I received a handjob. My concern is that while I was lying on my stomach, my penis may have been exposed behind me and the masseuse may have kissed or licked it. I can’t confirm that which is the source of my anxiety.

I was tested at 3 weeks for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and syphilis; all came back negative.

I was then told that I should have waited 6 weeks for the syphilis test, but panicked and tested again at 5 weeks. That test also came back negative.

Now today I noticed a very, very small red mark on the top of my penis, which is only about 2mm wide, that looks like a scrape.

Of course I’m now panicking that it might be syphilis.

I’m wondering if I can trust the test at 5 weeks or if my concerns are valid. I do plan to test again at 6 weeks.

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A brief kiss or lick isn't going to transmit anything, including HPV or herpes.

You'd know if it was more than that. Your syphilis test is fine - it wouldn't change in a week, and you had no risk for it anyway.
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Thank you very much for your comment! I’m probably over reacting. As for the scrape, it’s only about 2mm wide and stretchy. It actually disappears when I stretch the skin. I read that a syphilis chancre is firm. Could a syphilis chancre be this small and malleable? Or would it keep its shape when pulled on?
No, that's not a syphilis sore.

However, if you're so concerned, just go test and put your mind at ease with a negative result. Let a doctor examine the scrape.
It is not syphilis.
Just to try calm you down.
Primary chancres develop from a reddish spot to a bump and then to an ulcer with a hard base. Normally it happens within a week. While chancres come in all shapes and sizes, most commonly they are  roundish and minimum 5 mm in size.
But, as AuntieJesse said, you were never really exposed.
Since you are afraid of syphilis that much I assume you have never had it. So, you may do a treponemal test (EIA, TPPA, FT-ABS, whatever is available). They are more expensive than VDRL or RPR tests, but they are much more sensitive and are conclusive at 6 weeks.
Remember, your anxiety is now a much bigger issue, so all the testing is done not to find syphilis but to help you snap out of it.
Thanks very much, both of you. I went to the doctor who confirmed it’s just a scrape and submitted another blood test since it’s now been 6 weeks. I should get the results back Monday but I’ll try not to stress in the meantime. As you mentioned, I didn’t really have a risk. Really appreciate you putting my mind at ease.
Glad you got it checked out. :)
6 week test came back negative! From what I’ve read on here, I can assume that’s conclusive. Thanks again!
It is indeed conclusive. I hope you can let this go now. :)
One last question for you guys! I’m too early to test for Hepatitis B. Do you think there’s any possibility of contracting Hepatitis B if she licked the tip? Or would that be a stretch too?
It is a bigger stretch. Hep B is vaccine preventable and is not a big health issue in the US.
Not a single case of Hep B transmission through kissing is documented. Hep B is a well-researched condition.
Thanks very much! I think I’m panicking because when I did my test at 6 weeks, it said I had no immunity. Apparently my previous vaccination didn’t take. I guess I’m okay to assume a brief kiss or lick then wouldn’t transmit anything. Thanks again!
No, really, if it were that easy, we'd all have hep B.  Remember that when you first asked about your risk, I told you that you had no risk for anything. This remains true now.

Talk to your doctor about the vaccine, and get some protection, and put that out of your mind. Also, talk to your doctor about your anxiety.
Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I will definitely speak with the doctor about my anxiety. I am curious however, since Hepatitis B is found in saliva, is a lick not a risk just because it isn’t likely to enter my urethra given the light contact?
Yes. that's exactly it.

Also, hep B isn't that common. In 2018, the last year I could find info on, in the US, there were only an estimated 21,600 cases of Hep B. Canada has similar rates, and the UK may be a little lower.

There are no documented cases of hep B transmission from oral sex. The risk is theoretical.


Again, though, you didn't have oral sex. You had a lick. Totally different.

Your reaction to this is out of proportion to the risk. You have an anxiety problem, not a risk problem. I say that with compassion. I don't know if you went outside of a relationship, and that's causing all this, or a fear of STDs, or what, but you have nothing to worry about here. If you did, we'd tell you, I promise.
Thank you Auntie Jessie. You are right of course, I went outside of my relationship which is causing the anxiety. The trip to the massage parlour was actually during my bachelor party. I then had sex with my wife on our wedding night and a week later found out she’s pregnant. My fear is that I’ve infected our unborn child. Your last answer really helps though. Thank you so much for your patience with me!
You've had a lot happen in a short period of time - huge life changes. Marriage is a lot, and now you're pregnant.

You had no risk and can really relax and try to adjust and enjoy this new chapter of your life. :) Congrats!
Thanks again both of you!
I’m still really struggling with my anxiety over this :( I have a new concern…

I slept with my wife immediately after getting home after this event. Do you think it’s possible that the masseuse could have had blood in her mouth which may have dried on my penis from the lick and transferred anything to my wife during our intercourse?

First, receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV. That's full on oral sex.

There has never been a documented case of hep B transmission from oral sex.

Hep C is very rarely transmitted sexually, and when it is, it's from unprotected anal sex, usually, or intercourse. It's not a risk with oral sex.

Those are the only blood-borne infections related to sex.

You need counseling. This is catastrophizing, and you need to find a way to let this go.

I honestly don't know how else to say you had no risk from this. Your reaction is absolutely way out of proportion to this. Your wife and baby are at no risk from this, as you were at no risk.

Guilt doesn't equal risk.

I'm not judging you at all, and I say this with only compassion, but you really need to talk to someone.
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Kissing ur penis is not a risk for any std she is at risk not you  expect hpv or herpes  which usually everyone gets in their lifetime in your case it can be acne or similar contact diseases wash ur penis with warm water never use gel,soap or any other cosmetic products on your penis they do more harm.
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