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On Friday the 22nd an escort lady sat naked on my bare thigh for about 30 seconds whilst licking my nipples and I spent about 10 seconds rubbing her vagina.

I live in the UK.

What risk is there? As less than a week on my lymph node in my jaw is swollen as far as I can tell. I also picked at something on the same leg on Monday night on the bath and its turned into a very minor sore but I'm fairly confident that it's folliculitis.

Thanks in advance.
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There is no risk for any STDs.

Monkeypox is not considered an STD, but is spread through sexual activity because of close contact. The incubation period - time from infection to symptoms - is 1-2 weeks, so whatever symptoms you have now are not from this particular encounter if it's monkeypox. If it is that, you will likely get more sores/lesions.

STDs are transmitted by unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex. Syphilis, HPV and herpes are transmitted by direct, unclothed skin to skin contact of the mouth, genitals and anal areas. This is mouth to mouth (kissing), mouth to genitals, genitals to genitals or anus (heavy grinding or rubbing).

Contact on your thighs won't transmit it, as the skin is too thick.

You continue to have these encounters and worrying frantically after. Perhaps you should consider why you continue to have them when they stress you out so much.

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Thanks J.

So im just stressing about it all?

"Contact on your thighs won't transmit it, as the skin is too thick."....

its hard because all you read is "skin on skin transmission"  and that makes your think rubbing arms or bodies with active sore etc...

Is that really not the case?
That is really not the case. When we talk about skin to skin contact, we mean the thin, moist mucus membranes of the mouth, genitals and anal areas.

It is confusing because a lot of sites don't clarify that, but it means oral, genital or anal contact, not arm, leg, back, stomach.

You really are just stressing about it all, and needlessly so.

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