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Testicle Pain/Numbness/warmth

Hi, hopefully someone can help me with this.

Ive been recently having left testicle pain, penis feels like the glans are burning and as if something was bothering the urethra, and ive gone to multiple pcp doctors who cant figure out whats hurting my testicle.

July 2nd a few coworkers paid for a escort for me that was recomended by one of their friends for a "Bachelors Party". She gave me unprotected oral sex for probably less than a min, then after i put on a condom, proceeded with vaginal sex.

A few days later felt as if my scrotum wanted to explode, my penis shaft was irritated and very sensative, no visual Lesions  just burning and a bit itchy. Got tested right away for every std everything came back negative, 1 month later my upper thighs were stinging, but Doctors thought nothing of it, came back again because of a bump that came out by the tip, no pus just a bump insect bite looking thing, went away within a day though. A few weeks later had a cloude like discharge so i went to the doctor and showed him a picture of both the discharge and bump. Doctors said it was irritation, tested me again, gave me a shot and anti bacterial pills that i stopped half way because it was causing upset stomach, then was told a few days later to finish the medication. Came back 2 weeks later for results everything including herpes came back negative and went for a ultra sound which showed nothing out of the ordinary aside from a 2mm cyst. By that time i felt a bit better. Sadly a few days later my testicles got warm, then my tip around the glands was discoloring random purple color an d stinging then intense testicle pain, the littlest touch hurt. Then the urethra felt stiff and stung a bit when puting the slitest pressure on it.

Well 2 days later go back to my doctor who then gave me another shot and another round of antibiotics, but this time theres testicle numbness and pain too... i have a Urologist appointment coming up, but I'm afraid that they will just say outs nothing and this numb, hot, testical pain will stay...

Sorry for the long post but its almost been 3 months and this is really starting to concern me, mostly because imm married.

My question is does this sound like Genital Herpes because of the bump? And everything else,
Gonorrhea? Chlamydia?
And if so why has everything been negative?
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The forsaking being difficult to retract, and the purple marks on the glands to me sounds like balantis. Most likely caused by the antibiotics. Cloudy discharge with negative gon and clymidia sounds like NGU. Did they at any point say you had a UTI? White blood cells in your urine? I'd recommend you start using lotrimin, just enough applied to the gland and forskin do not over use it and keep the gland and forskin desert dry, soaking up even urine drops left from urinating. Soaking the penis In saltwater for 5 minutes and drying well will also bring great relief
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Thanks for your reply!  The forskin problem actually happened before antibiotics, ill definately give that a try. i went to the Urologist he took a quick look and said looks normal, but that my symptoms resemble Epiditymitis? Not Sure if i spelled that correctly, prescribed me a 3 week of antibiotics. Thought nothing of the pics because theres nothing there now. My scrotum just showed up with dry skin, he also thought nothing of it. Idk still feel like something is being overlooked.  But i guess i have to go through this medication to find out.
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Also its hard to pull my forskin back, had a randome scab on the forskin very small doctor said not a concern could have been caused by my nails, amd some strange looking pubic bumps 2of them both white heads one looks like a bump of purple skin that both my pcp provider and dermitologist say are ingrown hairs.  
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