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The strangest penile symtoms I have ever seen

A few years ago I had unprotected oral sex with a girl.  About 3 days later during masturbation I felt a tingling in my penis and once I finished I had these two extremely large lumps on my penis (about the size of a nickel).  One was on the right and the other was on the left.  They looked like bruises and had absolutely no pus or anything underneath them. Just large lumps that itched quite a bit.  After a couple days these lumps turned into wet scabs and were very painful.  The scabs would hurt and sometimes open up a bit and sometimes come off whenever I got in the shower or anything rubbed up against them.  Also at night they would sometimes open and whatever substance came out would dry and stick to my underwear causing a very painful process of pulling them off. After about 2 weeks the symptoms went away leaving shiny skin and a slight bit of scarring.  But, now every 6 or so months I have the same issue arise in the same spot normally during masturbation.  The spots are quite large and really strange because they have no pus but seem rather like some sort of turf burn the way that they hurt in the shower and ooze at night.  I am very active and sometimes I have to go awhile without showering because of my job or playing football. I have searched the forums far and wide and looked up every std picture and explanation possible and have yet to find anything that matched this.  If you could please help because I have not had the resources to go to a doctor lately and would like to get this diagnosed or at least have some idea of what is going on.  

Thanks in advanced
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When this issue comes up you have to see a Dr. No way around it for a diagnosis. Bumps can be many things and often not STD related.
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You really need to go and be seen about this. It's not likely to be herpes if that was your concern. Many things this could be but it'll take a proper exam to narrow down the list.

If you are in the US, call your local health department to see what your low cost options are in your area.

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