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Unexpected High Chlamydia IgG Levels

Hi everybody,

I was asked by a lesbian couple with whom I am friends to donate sperm so they can have children. (Due to laws in the country I live in, they cannot get sperm from a seedbank.) Of course I did not object to having me tested for STDs as long as they cover the costs. They are no experts with STDs but chose some tests for Hepatitis, HIV, Syphilis and Chlamydia. Since I am in a relationship with a woman for over 5 years and am being perfectly faithful, I was absolutely sure that I'm perfectly healthy (although I admit that I was promiscuous before getting in the relationship with her).
Now results came back and the IgG Test result (I was only tested for IgG) for Chlamydia was over 55 E/ml, with values over 22 E/ml being positive. Now I am at a loss. I have done some research and it seems that IgG tests isolated don't necessarily mean an active infection. It seems I should get my IgM and IgA levels tested, but unfortunately due to holidays I am unable to get tested until in over 2 weeks without confronting her with it, which would be pretty sure to blow up the relationship.
I don't have any constant symptoms. I belief I may have had a burning type of pain on my glans like two or three times in the last two years but never worried about it. My girlfriend is sporadically having abdominal pain of unknown origin for some time, which she never investigated as it occurs only seldomly.

An alternative to the STD explanation could be that my IgG values are high due to an eye infection I had during a holiday in Egypt this year that was cured using antibiotics.
But I just can't get a peace of mind: Is the IgG Test result combined with the unspecific symptoms reason enough to be in a hurry to get tested more definitively to avert harm? If there is a high likelihood that she was being unfaithful, blowing up the relationship would not be an issue, since I would definitely leave her if she cheated on me. Or is it just as equally likely I infected her over 5 years ago and it took an eternity to kick in?

Thanks a lot for helping me get a bit of peace of mind for the holidays.
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Dear Howard,

thank you very much. The information that I have to get a swab Test instead of another blood test is very valuable. As you say that it will be probably negative, I'll try to set my mind to rest and get tested after the holidays.

PS: I have no idea why "glans" was corrected(?) to "glands" as I was referring to the part of the male genital.
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The chlamydia blood test is not able to detect current chlamydial infection. It is commonly used when investigating the cause of infertility in women, which may be why it was done in this situation. However, a positive result only means that someone has had chlamydia at sometime in his or her life. Also, the test cross reacts with non-STD chlamydia and related bacteria, specifically Chlamydophyla pneumoniae, a cause of bronchitis and other respiratory infections.

You could have a genital (urethral swab or urine) test for chlamydia. Probably it will be negative. If so, you can go forward without any further concern or worry.

I hope this has helped. Best wishes and happy holidays.
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