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Urethritis Again

Hi everyone,

So I've once again screwed myself with anxiety over a sexual encounter that happened a month ago today (12/21/18). Just trying to get input from everyone so I can to ease my mind.
Basically I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex where the condom slipped off for maybe a minute or two with someone I met on the internet. 2 weeks after, I started feeling chapped/bumpy lips. I had a doctor look at them and he said they just seem a little dry. He also had me take a **** test for gono and chlamydia which I tested negative for. Then on 1/9/19 I started to feel a sensation in my urethra 24/7 (not sure if it's a burn, tingling, itch, etc.). I've also been having diarrhea since then. I got prescribed Prozac 20mg to try and keep my mind off this sensation since I know whether it's an STD or not, I shouldn't be focused on it. I should also mention that my urethra looks slightly and there has been no discharge. I do however have some kind of pain/burning with urination and ejaculation. My questions are:

1) Could this be prostatitis brought on by an STD?
2) Should I also get tested for U. Urealyticum, Mycoplasma and Trich for the urethra pain?
3) Could I have a yeast infection (I am circumcised, but I think my penile head is more red than usual)?
4) Can you get diarrhea from STD's?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Doc just replied and told me I have Ureaplasma Parvum and Mycoplasma Hominis. I was negative for Ureaplasma Urealyticum and Mycoplasma Genitalium. Therefore, I'm just chalking this up to anxiety. The mind is a terrible thing sometimes
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:( I'm sorry.
Don't be, I'm glad it's nothing serious :)
Good point :)
How are you doing today ?
I am having the same symptoms as you, frequent urination, pain in the urethra and groin area, I was tested positive for Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma Hominis, It’s all confusing to me as i don not know what to make out of all this.

I will like to know what and how you have been handling your infection ?

How do you feel ?
Are your symptoms that strong ?

I will also like to have a conversation.

Help Anyone ??
Interestingly I’ve been speaking to a lot of guys with these same symyoms who haven’t been able to get an accurate diagnosis.
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Test results for Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma came back positive. Doctor prescribed me a single Z-pak pill. Will keep everyone updated
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I hope badger sees this. I'm glad you got some results and hope you start feeling better soon.

Same here, I think I am feeling better just by living day to day. All the reading I've done on these two infections make it seem like they're not infections but normal flora. Hoping for a speedy recovery!
Glad you identified your foe! Best of luck in eliminating it!!
Hey Paranoia,
You popped positive for UU/Mycoplasma Hominis or was it Mycoplasma Genitalium?
What test did you use (mylabbox, labcorp)?
Can you please restate your major symptoms again?
I hope that you can get a good cure and never worry about this again!!!
I'm not sure which ones, the nurse said positive for ureaplasma and mycoplasma, but wasn't specific. I've emailed the doc and am waiting for his reply. As for the test, it was a PCR for UU/MH and MG. My symptoms are as follows:
-Constant irritation in my urethra
-White sticky penile discharge sometimes after a bowel movement, but never any other time (Besides pre-ejac which is clear).
-Difficulty to ejac during intercourse (Which I believe to be from the 40mg Prozac I'm currently taking).

I've taken a Z-pak and am hoping it'll cure me. I've asked the doc when I should retest and am currently waiting for that response as well.
Actually I just got the reply from the doc and he just said the same thing that the nurse said. That I have Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma, but doesn't specify which ones. He said to see a urologist if I still have symptoms also. So I think I'll just do that if I still "feel" something.
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Update: Urine Culture and Swab both came back negative. Waiting on results for all the PCR tests. Will keep everyone posted.
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IF all of your swabs came back negative, check the prostate PSA levels and if those too are in line, then: lots of fluids, bee pollen twice daily until your syndrome is gone.  
I agree with this, though I don't know about bee pollen, but trust klamidia. Do NOT treat with an antibiotic again unless a test comes back with positive results for a bacteria.
Howdy auntejessy, bee polen or to be more precise the compounds extracted from it labeled as P5 and EA 10 have very soothing effect on the prostate,is helps treat:
- benign prostate hyperplasia
-night urination
-difficult urination due to prostate enlargement
-urine withholding after urination
-and non specific inflammation
it increases the sexual libido and potention in men.

In Europe you can find this under the brand "Poltit" and has been clinically proven. Now is you are not allergic to bee products and are under 60 years of age , you will be eating tasty flower pollen and not poping pills the choice is yours. NOTE to paranoia638: Consult your urologist also, the prostate has to be assessed, and maybe stronger medications have to be given. This is only if you have normal PSA.
Oh interesting. Thanks for the info! :)
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Update: Took all the Bactrim, but still feeling some type of way. Going to wait until April 1st and take a full panel. Then if everything's negative, I'll do my best to forget about it and move on. Thanks everyone for all your support and advice!
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Did you ever test for Mycoplasma Genitalium?
Not yet, I'm going to test for it April 1st. So far I've tested for Gono, Chlam and had a urine culture. Everything was normal. Will update you when I test.
Yeah it won’t show up in any urine cultures, everything will “look” normal. You have to test via PCR. Hologic has a test approved by the FDA now, mylabbox has one, labcorps, there’s a few
Request a swab even if they don't do it. I've stopped trusting urine cultures.
Yeah I'm going to test for that via PCR and everything else April 1.
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With all due respect to Dr. Handsfield, his advice on MG is antiquated at best. For instance he’s posted time and time again that MG isn’t passed by oral sex when it for a fact is. Your health is your call but I’d take an MG test ASAP.
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Thanks for the advice, I'll keep you posted.
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Yes, you need to test for it. Urinanalysis will not find it. MyLabBox is a home test, be off antibiotics for 3 weeks. And send in first morning void urine.
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I will plan to do that after I take this course of Bactrim, but I'm not thinking it's Mycoplasma. I've read a lot of Dr. Hansfield's responses about this and he said it's likely you don't have without any discharge or WBC's in urine. But, if I still have symptoms after the Bactrim, I'll get tested for it as well as Trich and U. Urealyticum.
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Get tested for Mycoplasma Genitalium ASAP. Off antibiotics for 3 weeks and use first void urine only.
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I've already had a urinalysis where no bacteria was found. Would it be worth a try still to check for M Genitalium? I also don't have any discharge unless I strain during a bowel movement (clear color discharge)
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1) Could this be prostatitis brought on by an STD? - I'd be very surprised if this is prostatitis and not just anxiety.

2) Should I also get tested for U. Urealyticum, Mycoplasma and Trich for the urethra pain? No. At best, it's NGU from normal mouth bacteria from the unprotected oral, and I'd be surprised if it's that. You really have no symptoms. If you have to use terms like "I'm not sure if it's..." and "I think my penile head is...", you don't really have symptoms. Symptoms of an STD are pretty clear, if you get symptoms.

3) Could I have a yeast infection (I am circumcised, but I think my penile head is more red than usual)? Sure, anyone can get a yeast infection, but you really don't have symptoms of that.

4) Can you get diarrhea from STD's? No.

Please listen to me. I say this with all compassion and kindness and no criticism, but there is a real reason your doctor prescribed prozac. Obviously, anxiety is an issue for you. I don't know if it's only around sex, sex you have with women you meet on the internet, or if you struggle with anxiety in other areas of your life. Work on that aspect of your life, stop having sex for awhile, get some therapy. There is no shame is getting help - the strong ask for help when needed. This has been happening for at least 4 years. It must be exhausting for you, and there is help available.
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Thanks so much for your reply. I was actually fine since that first encounter 4 years ago, and then got stupid and slept with someone else I barely knew. The problem here is I didn't feel all these sensations until like 2 and a half weeks after exposure. It was my idea to take the Prozac since I know whether there's an infection or not, I need to stop focusing on it. I'll keep you posted and thanks again!
Hi Jessi,
I had another doc appt last Friday. The doc gave me a prostate exam and looked at my netherparts and said all looks and feels fine. Problem is, I still feel a constant irritation in my urethra. Do you think I should have more tests done, or just sit tight and wait for this to resolve itself? Like I said before, this could definitely all just be in my head, but it feels like it gets worse as time goes by :(
Are you drinking enough water? Too much alcohol/caffeine/juices/carbonated drinks? Try drinking more water and see if that helps. If it's not better in a week or so, then follow up.
All I drink is water and almond milk, nothing else. I'm also a vegan and trying to eat minimal sugar (even though literally everything has sugar in it). I guess another question I have is could this be an STD or should I try to put that out of my mind?
It is highly unlikely the cause is an STD.
Thanks for your comment. I'm trying to move on and tell myself that, which is easier said than done. Don't know why I feel regret and all that
Totally agree with uomeasmile.

Since you're vegan, this may help. This is a list of foods that may irritate the bladder (which in turn would irritate the urethra) - https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/14244-bladder-irritating-foods There are a lot of fruits and veggies on this list. You may not eat many of them, but it's worth a look.

Best of luck!
Hi Jessi and Smile,

I think my symptoms are getting worse. Either that, or my awareness is higher. Constant pain in urethra, diarrhea, itchy anus and now I'm starting to feel intermittent testicular pain. I forgot to mention that when I had a prostate exam done, I also had a urinalysis which turned out negative for everything. Just have a few more questions:

1) Should I try antibiotics/meds in the case this is bacteria/fungi (Even though nothing has turned up in the urinalysis)?
2) Could my intermittent testicular pain be a result of my earlier symptoms going untreated?

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all your support!
If you have no bacteria, you shouldn't take an antibiotic. You've been on enough.

I think you need to follow up with your doctor, see if any foods you are eating could be contributing (and I say this with personal experience but I'm female so my experience is different), and since you now mention diarrhea, maybe see a gastroenterologist or an allergist and see if it's something along those lines.

Doc just called a couple hours and said he thinks it might be prostatitis. Prescribed me Bactrim for 3 weeks. Also doubled my dose of Prozac. I'll keep everyone updated.
I just read something this morning that made me think of you - urethral syndrome.


I haven't read it, but there is a book called A Headache in The Pelvis. It covers a lot of things like this. I can't tell you if it's any good or not, but maybe check it out?
Update: a week of bactrim and no change, which leads me to believe there is no infection. Also, told my story on asktheexperts and Dr. Hook responded. He said I'm worrying way too much. Will keep everyone posted and hopefully this will be the last time I go through this. Thanks again for all your advice and support!
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Anyone have any input?
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