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Vulva itching, do I have an STD?


I'm in a monogamous relationship, and have been for some time. I'm 33, and female.

I gave my boyfriend the gift of a couple escorts earlier this year (in May). They had safe sex except for unprotected oral. It was a one-time encounter. He has no symptoms of anything.

I have had an itchy vagina for the last month, month and half or so. I recently saw a gyno (not about the only) and he mentioned there may have been a very tiny amount of discharge. It must be tiny as I didn't notice it before.

This is my only symptom. I also have lichen sclerosus, previously diagnosed.

It itching in the vulva area a sign that I have an STD or would I need more symptoms than just that?

Many thanks!
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First let me say you are the best girlfriend ever!
As far as your boyfriends encounter Most csw do not have stds. My guess is you used an escort service wich makes it more likely that they have regular check ups. The unprotected oral was a low risk for gono/chlam wich are more commonly spread trough unprotected vaginal or anal sex. When So the odds are whatever is going on have nothing to do with the awesome gift you gave your boy
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