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Weird symptoms after my first sexual encounter

Hi, I'm a female. I had my first sexual encounter in September of 2020, with a male who also said it was his first sexual encounter. I have no reason to believe that he lied that he was a virgin. He is a shy, nerdy guy who doesn't have much confidence and he said I was his first kiss and first sexual encounter as well. Anyway, he performed oral for a short time on my vagina, as well as fingered me, and a bit later I performed oral for a short time on his penis. Just as a test run, neither of us climaxed from the oral. We just wanted to see what it was like, so for only a few seconds.
That day in my cycle, I was ovulating and I don't know if the cramps started from ovulation or from something related to the sexual encounter, but I began having shooting pains in my ovaries, especially my left. This continued for a week straight, then I went to the ER because I thought my ovary twisted from a cyst. They did an ultrasound on me and saw nothing, and took a urine and blood sample and I was clean. This was about 5 days after my sexual encounter, is that too soon to know if I'm clean?
Since then, I've had multiple itchy episodes in and around my vagina area. I took monistat twice for a yeast infection and it's gone away twice. But here and there I still get itchiness, though not as severe. I went to a gynecologist in November and she did a pelvic exam on me, she said my cervix didn't look infected. She didn't test me for stds since I told her I only did oral.
December to January, I don't get so itchy but I still have pelvic pains around my ovaries. I was told that I probably have mittelschmerz, pain between menstral cycles. But I'm still nervous and wondering if I should get tested for stds. Could I have BV or PID? Another thing of note, I've had a white coated tongue lately, I don't know if that's related to the oral as well and means something. It looks just like inflamed papillae though, and no weird bumps or growths on my tongue. I know this is alot, but can I have some thoughts on this please. Again, this man claims he's a virgin and I believe him, and we only performed oral on each other for a few seconds. He also fingered me but washed his hands before. So I don't know what's going on with these symptoms.
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Aww I'm sorry you've been so worried about this for so long because your risk is zero for almost everything.

First, you could have BV. That can happen to any woman, of any age, with any sexual activity - a lot or absolutely none. It does seem to happen more in women with more sexual activity, but virgins can get it, too. It's just simply an imbalance of a certain bacteria in the vagina, and the balance of the vagina is very delicate.

Since you self-treated for yeast, and it felt better then came back, it could also be a really persistent yeast infection. It's a shame they didn't run any testing on you for yeast or BV. With a persistent itch, that should be the first thing they should do.

So for STDs - the only thing that might remotely be a risk for you is genital herpes type 1, and really, if he only performed oral on you for a few seconds, it's not a risk. It takes some pretty serious friction and time to transmit that. That happens when someone who has oral hsv1 (think cold sores) performs oral sex on someone and it transmits to the genitals. It becomes genital hsv1. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location.

If he's a virgin, and you were his first everything, he can't have anything except hsv1 orally. A lot of people get hsv1 as children, from well-meaning adults who kiss them, or at day cares or schools when they share toys at the "let's put everything into our mouths" stage.

If he didn't have any visible sores, though, chances of you getting it are very low, whether through kissing or oral sex. I wouldn't even worry about it. If you have hsv1 already, you can't get it again.

The rest is not a concern at all. He can't have it, and oral sex is much lower risk than vaginal or anal sex, and your oral sex was so, so brief. Your doctor was correct that you didn't need to test. For future reference, testing at 5 days is conclusive for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Depending on the test, HIV is usually conclusive at 28 days if you are using the most current tests, and syphilis at 6 weeks. Herpes blood tests are conclusive at 12 weeks.  

STDs are transmitted by oral, vaginal and anal sex. Condoms offer full protection for gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, HIV and hepatitis B. Condoms offer significant but not full protection for herpes, syphilis, and HPV. Vaccines are available for hep B and HPV. If you haven't received them yet, talk to your doctor about them.

I don't know what's happening to your mouth. It's not related to any activity with your boyfriend. Maybe it's an allergy to something you are eating or drinking? Your doctor can help figure that out.

So long story short - it could easily be BV (which can cause PID) or yeast. Ask your gyno to test you for those. Don't self-treat again. You had no risk for anything, and don't need any STD testing. Ask your doctor about hep B and HPV vaccines.
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Thank you so much for your response, you made me feel so much better. I'm going to go get tested for BV and PID to be safe.
Just to say, if you think you have a yeast infection, I'm not sure if you were diagnosed with one by a doc?  Here's the thing -- the treatment a doc gives you for a yeast infection will have the possibility and maybe probability of ensuring you get another one.  They not only kill off the yeast, they also kill off the beneficial bacteria in your body that prevents yeast from getting a foothold in your body.  If the good guys aren't home, the bad guys have a wonderful environment to move in, and since yeast is everywhere it just makes it more likely to turn it into a recurrent problem.  This isn't confined to yeast, it happens with any infection treated with antifungal or other antibiotic drugs.  It's why they are no longer recommended to be used unless absolutely necessary, but most docs haven't gotten the message.  There are natural ways to kill off a mild yeast infection, though if it's really entrenched you sometimes have to take your chances.  Which is to say, you didn't get that from your sexual experience, but you might have made it more likely to have it come back.  Only treat a yeast infection if it's been diagnoses as one and if it's really mild be aware there might be other ways of dealing with it.  What you might try is to take a really good probiotic that has reuteri in it and see if that helps any.  I can't see how the sexual experience you're reporting is of any risk, so it's probably something else.  And that would be true even if the guy isn't a virgin.  Peace.
Oh, and the white tongue could be a sign of another version of an infection that is related called thrush.  Again, if you did manage to disrupt the balance of your protective natural system. this could also occur.  It isn't that bad of a thing, and I don't know that's what it is, but it is possible.  Peace.
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