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Hi I am a married bi guy who has had a couple of one time oral encounters a couple months ago and didn't have any symptoms  and was told that I shouldn't need to test because the exposure was low risk, so I didn't and have had no symptoms from those exposures. Recently  I have had 2 more one time exposure with 2 different guys who both insisted the were clean from any disease. One was about 6 weeks ago I gave oral and I swallow his load. The other encounter was mutual oral and no cum taken in mouth for either of us. I got no symptoms  from either exposure. However two weeks after last exposure I got what looks like a wart on my chin under my beard. Do you think this is from one of my exposures? Should  I be worried that I could have them orally?  How common  is  HPV from oral? Last time you said only risk from giving and or receiving oral was gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpies, but said nothing about HPV as a risk. Is this a big risk?
Almost every website says it's the most common of all STI, is this true and why or why not? I really worried about giving it to my wife, is it as highly transmissible as they say on all the other websites?
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You can get HPV from oral, but it's not the most common way of transmission.- genital to genital or genital to anal contact is.

If you get oral HPV, it doesn't usually present with symptoms - it's almost always the high risk kind that doesn't give you warts, and it's usually in the throat.

You don't know that what you have is a wart, but there are strains of HPV - the virus that causes all warts - that affect the face and chin, and those aren't associated with the strains that affect the genitals. You should let your doctor check this out to see what it is.

You are taking a risk every time you do this, though. Most people don't show signs of gonorrhea and chlamydia, so unless they show recent tests, you don't know for sure that they don't have an infection. The chances of transmission are lower with oral sex, but the risk still exists. No judgement, but just letting you know.

Let me know what the doctor says.
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I have an appointment tomorrow morning.  Also this thing on my chin came on like over night. Woke up with a decent bump and it has gone down over a few days. I thought itay be an ingrown hair at first, but it's still there just not as big as before, not as tall but seem to be wider and flatter then before.  I can't really see it clearly because of where it is. I k ow it kind of risky fooling around and believe that I am not wanting to go through this anxiety anymore. Once I get tested for everything I'm done. I just hope that everything comes back negative.
That doesn't sound like a wart. A wart wouldn't typically change size like that. Are you able to take a pic of it as it is now in case it changes before tomorrow?

I don't know what's driving you to do this - if it's a sexuality thing, dissatisfaction in your marriage, something else - and none of it is my business, but maybe some counseling would help. You've continued to do things that cause you distress, which seems a little self-destructive, right? Even if you were only seeking out other female partners, the result would be the same. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. If I'm wrong, you can absolutely ignore it. :)
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