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Yeast or fungal infection from oral sex

Hey guys. Maybe you know me auntie Jessie :) but anyways after receiving oral sex from a prostitute I Bagan to feel very itchi in my groin and anus. I feel like a got a fungal infection because my groin is dry and just itchi. Is it possible to get a dungeon or yeast infection from oral sex?
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I do know you lol.

Yes, it's possible, in a few different ways.

If the person performing oral on you had oral yeast, or thrush as it's known, you could get it from them genitally.

If you used something to clean up after, like a strong cleanser, alcohol, etc., that can kill off the good bacteria on your skin that keeps fungi in check.

Some fungi spores can live a long time on surfaces. I don't know what you were sitting on when you received the oral sex, but if you were naked, it's possible you picked something up that way.

Now, a question for you - on Oct 29, you and I talked about going to see another doctor for these symptoms. Have you? :)
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:) nice to see you again madam. Yes I have made an appointment to the dermatologist but it's not until next week.  Yes when I received the oral sex I was sitting on her bed and laying down on It. So what should I do about that? Is it something serious?
Remember I told you some of her saliva traveled in my anus?
Yes, I remember and I re-read your previous thread.

No, a fungal infection isn't serious. Women get yeast infections, which is a fungus, ALL THE TIME. Men get jock itch and athlete's foot all the time, which are fungi.

If it is a fungus, you'll likely get a cream, and/or maybe a pill, to take. It depends on what kind of fungus the doc things it is. Don't try to self-treat, though. Certain things respond better to certain meds, and if you use the wrong thing, you could make it worse.
Thanks . But what worries me is it possible to get a parasite like that like trichmosis, ?
No, trich isn't thought to be spread by oral sex.
Dear, I just went to the urgent Care to get tested. The doctor saw a skin abscess in my groin area. It was scary . He used a needle  to numb the area and took pus out. But what a coincidence I have a skin abscess there after the oral sex. He said it was bacterial
Is he testing the bacteria to see what it's being caused by? Did he give you antibiotics or anything?

There is no STD that causes skin abscesses like this. It is a coincidence.
Yeah sweetie he gave me antibiotics. And he did take a swab test to see what bacterial is cuasing it. But honestly I think il wait for the results before going on the antibiotics. I still need to wait 2 months to see my primary care physician to take a look in my anus area and groin because itches alot
I doubt the itch has anything to do with your sexual experience -- thrush is a fungus, but it's not the one that generally causes an itch in that area, that's usually ringworm.  Which you might have for other reasons, it's a common problem, and it's what causes athlete's foot and groin itch, not thrush, which is more related to yeast infections.  There are natural ways to try and treat fungal infections, but before you do that, you need to know that's what you have and not just some dry skin.  The pus-filled growth was probably a sweat cyst, something else that's very common.  I'm a guy, I've had all of these things because I'm been on this Earth a fair amount of time.  This stuff is very c0mmon especially with those who are athletic, as sweat forms a great environment for this stuff.  Now, nobody on the internet can diagnose you, and if it's itching that badly, I wouldn't wait 2 months, I'd go to an urgent care clinic and see what you've got -- if it is ringworm the longer you wait the deeper it gets entrenched and the harder it is to get rid of it.  And if do go on antibiotics for it, or anti-fungals, it's very likely it will come back and you'll have to do it a few times to get it all.  A natural remedy that works for me following treatment with pharmaceuticals was, because it kept coming back, is garlic oil --- has to be from a really good company because it has to be active.  Some use oregano oil externally, it's a pretty strong anti-fungal, but it burns and never worked for me internally, but I do use it plus raw garlic gels internally when I get one of these darned things.  Most GPs these days have a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant to see you quickly, as docs are usually too busy for us.  Or if you have a group practice, there's usually a doc on call for urgent appointments.  Again, this isn't something you want to wait that long for, as ringworm will drive you nuts if that's what it is and and will become much harder to get rid of.  That's my two cents worth, anyway.  
Wow thank you paxilled you seem very experienced in this situation. Yes I see what you mean about garlic due to its anti fungal anti bacterial compounds. Holistic med is very interesting. But preferably I want to see my primary doctor because I know him well. So he could see what I have before I go on to garlic oil
Even the anus area experiences jock itch?
Obviously the person has to get this checked out, as I said, nobody can diagnose over the internet.  But it depends on what exactly is meant by the anus -- how deep.  And really, do we want to get into that?  It could be a lot of things, I was mainly saying it's not likely to be from the thrush, that it could be dry skin or other irritation, I don't know what he has.  I'm actually wondering if this isn't psychological, but I don't know the poster at all.  My main point again is about yeast infections, which is a specific fungus and there are many other forms of fungal infections.  While it's not impossible to get candida albicans in those areas, the groin and outer part of the anus would be very yard for yeast to survive in because oxygen kills yeast.  It would have to be a very virulent and persistent and systemic infection which has spread beyond the intestinal tract or mouth, which has a wonderful environment for yeast if the immune system has broken down.  One of the reasons to be careful about taking antibiotics when you don't need to -- they kill off the organisms that protect us from yeast infections.  They are one of the leading causes of them.  Yeast is everywhere, it flows in and out of all of us all the time, but we don't get infected because if the good guys are home the bad guys have no place to live and thrive.  But as I said and am still quite strong-feeling about, I do not believe this person should wait if it in fact takes that long to see his regular doc.  There is no magic to diagnosing this stuff, any trained medical professional can do it, and the longer you wait the more difficult it is to get rid of it, not to mention it makes life miserable.  But that's his choice to make, not mine.  Peace, all.
Thanks pixiled. I know you have tremendous knowledge on natural medicine. So here's my question. I was put on doxycycline antibiotics. I know there will be side effects. What measures should I do to minimize potential problems.? What supplements should I take?
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Sorry for the Miss spelling I ment fungal and yeast infection
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