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chances of catching scabies from a couple of high risk encounters with sex worker.

2 weeks and 3 weeks ago I had a couple of encounters with a sex worker. It was a massage and at the end I performed protected oral on the male massage person. I have some itchy wrists and Also some slight itchiness around my chest area. No visible lesions. The itching comes and goes. Mild. I just want to know would scabies rash be more obvious if I had it? The encounters were about 30 mins each with not a lot of mutual touching.
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I wouldnt say scabies is really that common. It cwn theoretically hapoen to anyone but it's a pretty intense whole body itching that cant be ignored and wakes you up at night.
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Thanks I appreciate the response. I’m having a little anxiety from my encounters and right now I’m pretty hyper sensitive to every little itch. I’ve had the itch for 3 days on and off with no apparent rash. That doesn’t sound like scabies does it? I started to worry because it was on my wrist and I read online that the wrists are a place scabies like to burrow.
Nope. Scabies disease is actually an allergic reaction to the "bug". So  no matter if there is only few mites in skin folds,  the whole body reacts with massive itch, always.
It doesn't itch where it actually is.

Yeah, STI anticipation anxiety is an annoying thing. I've experienced it myself.  It makes you think in all reasonable in unreasonable ways. I find that a great motive not to do risky sex.

You can use any skin care for dry hands. Emollient creams, cosmetic milk.
Do some hobbies, sport, socialize to distract yourself from the anxiety.
I see. I do not have any major itching just little itches here and there and it freaks me out. You are right risky encounters are not worth it. I appreciate your replies. Out of curiosity what do scabies rashes actually look like? Bug bites?
They look like tiny excoriated dots and tiny blisters in armpits and groins. Also bigger bluish nodules can develop that will persist some time after healing. As I said these are not bites, these are our own body's allergic reactions producing tiny spots and blisters that get excoriated
Gotcha. I don’t have anything that resembles that. Again, appreciate the feedback. Anxiety over these things really suck.
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Yeah scabies is obvious - quite intense  night itching of the whole body.  And excoriations on fingers, armipts and groin.
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