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I have protected anal sex with a man, I touched his anus with my hands. I felt a lot of small sarcoma on his anus, and I think those were HPV.
Would protected anal sex caught HPV?
My hands touched his anus, and then I touch my body and penis, is there any risk for HPV?
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So sarcoma is a type of cancer. I'm not sure that's what you meant?

Did you mean you felt a lot of bumps? These could be caused by a lot of things - HPV is one, but it could be hemorrhoids, a fungal infection, normal skin variations.

You wouldn't transmit it via your hands if it was HPV, but you could via protected anal sex, as HPV is transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact (genital to genital skin, or genital to anal skin), and the condom doesn't cover all the skin.

Don't freak out though - you don't know that it was HPV.
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My penis didn't touch his anus,  my penis was protected during the sex.
Then you're fine. :)
He has been identified as genital warts and is highly infectious. I am worried that in the process of sex,  the root of my penis and  scrotums will touch the warts around his anus.
It's possible, but at this time, the only thing you can do is wait and see. Chances are really good that if he isn't your first partner that you've already been exposed to HPV. It's estimated that 80+% will get it in their lifetimes.

Have you been vaccinated for it?

Wait - you said "will touch" - is he your current partner? If he is, I would advise you both to avoid anal sex while he has symptoms. You shouldn't have sex while you have symptoms of anything. You can use hands, but I would avoid penetrative intercourse now.
I havn't been vaccinated for it.

I only worry about the root of my penis and  scrotums would touch the warts around his anus at this time, I don't know if that happened. The condom on my penis during the whole sex, what is the probability of infection in this situation?
It's probably pretty low - getting an STD from a one time, protected encounter is pretty low.

It can take a few months - or much longer - for you to develop symptoms of HPV, if you get it.

You should talk to your doctor about the vaccine, and see if it's right for you.
If I am infected with HPV, what will the symptoms look like? Will warts grow on my penis or other place?
They would likely grow on your penis, but could grow anywhere on your genital area.

You can google genital warts to see images, but keep in mind that many of those pics are absolute worst case scenarios, and most people don't get them that badly.
Thankyou! I don't think I am infected with HPV, but I will pay attention to my penis. If I get infected with HPV and grow warts, what method should I use to eliminate it?
You should go to a doctor and let them treat it. They can decide the best method, depending on the location and size, etc.

Home remedies can cause scarring, severe burns, etc., if they work at all.
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And we have oral sex each other, is there any risk for hpv?
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