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mGen Positive plus prostatitis ....HELP!!!!

Hello everyone,

I recently (2 months ago) tested positive to mGen.  I am from Australia.

2 years ago I started to have a reduced amount of ejaculate, and then 1 year ago I started having blood in my semen plus a blocked feeling upon ejaculation (small amount of ejaculate being released).

Tested again and again for STD's and nothing showed up, including normal PSA.
Have been getting blood in my ejaculate on/off for the entire last year and then I was by chance tested for mGen.  Positive!!

I noticed that I have developed psoriasis on my lower legs around 1.5 years ago.  Could this be related to this mGen infection.
Ultrasound also shows slight enlargement of my prostate but PSA is normal (I'm only 43yo).

So my current symptoms are:
-blocked feeling upon ejaculation,
-blood in semen (browny red but sometimes more red)
-slight burning during urination (much more burning during urination after ejaculation)
-two patches of psoriasis on lower legs.  

My gf also tested positive.  She took one week of doxy followed by one week of Moxi.
She tested negative two weeks following the antibiotics.
After she was cleared I performed oral sex on her and three day after that I started getting sore tendons, clicking joints??!!  

I have not taken ANY antibiotics as yet.

I do not want to take the wrong course.  I need to take a course that will kill the mycoplasma plus get into my prostate to kill the mycoplasma as well.

I have in my possession doxicycline, minocycline, azythromycin, pristinamycin and lefamulin.  I can get Moxi but I do not want to risk having any more tendon/joint issues.

I have had three mGen tests so far, all positive.  One came back as macrolide resistant and one came back as not resistant.

Does anyone have any input please???

I hear that CE2007, badgerMG and mcl509 are quite knowledgable!!  
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Sorry to hear this! A VERY good treatment is doxy with moxy. Like you said it MAY c ome with side effects but thats up to you to discus with the dr.

"-blocked feeling upon ejaculation,
-blood in semen (browny red but sometimes more red)
-slight burning during urination (much more burning during urination after ejaculation)
-two patches of psoriasis on lower legs.  "

1, 2 and 4 are not usually related to MGen.
1 - common symptoms of prostatitis.
2 - not usually connected to either of them but more kidney issues OR a UTI. You need to speak to the Dr about this.
3 - This is a symptom of Mgen and Prostatitis.
4 - Not related to any STI or urinary issue.

"After she was cleared I performed oral sex on her and three day after that I started getting sore tendons, clicking joints"

These two are not related.

In regards to what drugs and doses, we are not able to tell you here. That is up to you and your Dr.

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Thank you for your comments.
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Anyone else that can offer some help would be great!
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I'm confused.  Who diagnosed you with prostatitis?  You don't say.  You only say you have a slight prostate enlargement, which applies to everyone your age.  As you age it will probably get larger, but maybe you'll be lucky and it won't.  Not everyone with an enlarged prostate has any symptoms of having one.  Some do, some don't.  Some have minor symptoms, some are unlucky like me and end up with surgery which causes a host of other problems.  But most men don't have this problem.  They just have to pee more often.  I'm also confused as to how you got so many antibiotics.  It sounds like you're getting them on some kind of black market, as a doctor wouldn't be prescribing a bunch of them like that normally.  Especially given the side effects of taking them.  So I guess I have to ask, are you actually seeing a doctor about this?  Because you really should.  You can't dose yourself safely.  I'm also wondering why your girlfriend got treated but you didn't.  Why?  I can't help you with what's wrong, as you have a group of seemingly unrelated symptoms.  I might ask also, who told you that you have psoriasis?  That's an autoimmune disease, a form of arthritis, and so it isn't just a skin eruption.  It's more than that.  Were you diagnosed with that or are you again self-treating?  I'm just asking, because I'm really confused by your post.
I have been seeing two doctors.  That is how I was given the antibiotics.  So no black market.  My local doc gave me the Doxy/Azythro combo and after the testing was back and it showed resistance he gave me the Mino x 2 weeks course.  I hadnt taken any and instead went to a sexual health clinic where I was given the Lefamulin.  The next day the clinic called me and told me that they received more stock of Pristinamycin and asked me to go in and return the Lefamulin and pick up the Pristinamycin instead.  I forgot to bring the Lefamulin so they asked me to not take it and dispose of it.  

The psoriasis relevance was from research.  

My gf was treated and I am yet to be treated because antibiotics really stuff me up.  Therefore I am very cautious on which treatment I will take.  
You need to take something. Leaving it untreated is only going to make it worse, right?

It's hard to say if the prostatitis is being cause by the mGen. That's not a call we can make here. If your doctor thinks it is, then it's considered complicated mGen, and the recommended treatment is moxiflaxacin 400 mg twice a day for 14 days. If it's not complicated, you could just take the azithromycin/doxy, or the pristnamycin.

If you and your gf are still sexually active, you are reinfecting her, and she needs to be treated again.

I can't find anything linking mGen to psoriasis.
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