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my risks from unprotected oral(give/receive) protected vaginal female sex worker?

Dear MD,

Circumcised Male (31)Traveling in Dominican Republic I hired a russian escort and proceeded to:
Deep French kiss
Gave oral and fingered her, I noticed peeled cuticle on the finger the next day but not a major cut. I received 20+min of unprotected oral.
Protected vaginal sex. I wore a condom. It did not slip. My tumescense was 6.5/10. At one point I pulled out to see if it had broken because it felt different. But it was not broken.
I pulled out and ejaculated over her. I checked condom to make sure it didn't break. Didn't seem to have.

I immediately took a shower and washed my face and mouth and applied some alcohol to all exposed areas.

I asked the provider her status. She was not very clear other than having had a pap a month prior. I asked if I could pay for tests for her but she only got mad and shut off communication. I checked for lesions and sores on her mouth lips and also her vagina though the light wasn't too bright, but I dddidnt see anything, or anything obvious at least. No foul smell or taste either from her vagina.

I have been in monogamous relationship for 3 years and had been tested negative to all STDs prior to starting.

If it wasn't a sex worker in DR I might not be so concerned, But the fact she refused or had no idea of her status concerned me even more.

I have spent the day reading a ton of research. Probabilities on CSW vs. regular population, low income vs high, circumcised vs. not, transmission rates etc.

I have about a week until I see my gf and first thing she will want is sex. If I pull put a condom, that will be the end of it.

What are my risks of having caught anything?
Should I do and RNA on day 10?
Should I do PrEP just to be safe?
Any other post encounter countermeasures?
How quickly can I get tested for my highest infectivity STD?

I just want to maximize my safety and that if my gf and to make sure our relationship continues.

Thank you.
Thrice a Fool
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Usually pep will not be prescribed under these conditions. You should talk to your attending doctor about this.
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1) There is a risk for STI but no risk for hiv. Hiv is unlikely to spread through oral sex. Protected sex is no risk.
2) For hiv. There isnt really a need as the risk is equivalent to zero
3) It is not recommended for such zero risk event. Also, it depends on the time when the event occurred
4) You cant really do much and shouldnt do anything without a consult
5)  Test for gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis at one week time. Syphilis test at around one month time
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It was nearly 24 hours.
Thanks for reply.
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