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oral std or respiratory infection?

Hi doctors, I visited a sex worker 5 days ago and had protected vaginally sex. I also recieved unprotected oral sex and gave unprotected oral sex. I understand that infections are rarely passed through oral sex but my question basically stems from the fact that I have been quite ill the last 4 days. It started a day or two after the sex worker but it feels just like a flu or cold. My throat has been sore, I have had a fever, aches and pains, a headache and fatique and mild coughing. The symptoms don't really sound like an oral std and I was wondering if it's just a coincidence?

The symptoms are slowly getting better but I am still feeling ill. It is also important to note I have no sores in my mouth and nothing unusual happening with my genitals. Could I be fine sitting tight until I get better or should I get tested for an std or perhaps a different respiratory virus?

Also should I assume normal sexual practices if my symptoms dissipate?

Thanks in advance!
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Totally agree with Annie. Your symptoms are not STD symptoms, and it takes at least 2 days for symptoms of an STD to appear, at minimum.

You say they are cold or flu symptoms. Have you considered covid? It wouldn't be from your encounter, because of the incubation period, but you should consider that as a possibility.
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I have considered covid. I am double vaxxed and have gotten tested a few weeks ago because I  was experiencing flu symptoms. my symptoms were much more covid-like though(coughing, cogestion, fever and fatigue). The last test came back negative. This time around its more of  a sore throat,fatigue, body aches and chills. I'm thinking maybe strep throat. Regardless I am going to see a doctor and get tested for covid as well
Good, I hope you feel better. Whatever it is, it's no fun being sick. :(
yea, it totally sucks. Thanks for your compassion
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You are worried about symptoms that showed up only one day after the encounter? No, it's not an STD.
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(At least, not from that encounter. One day is too short of a time for an STD to incubate. And as you say, those symptoms don't sound like an STD anyway.)
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