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risk of syphlis from oral sex

hello there..last year ive encounter a man which i know from website..i meet him and he perform oral sex in me..i did ejaculate inside his mouth..after that i washed my penis and walk away..
i worried i had contacting hiv and syphlis..at 5 weeks, i did rapid test for hiv and tested negative..how the possibilities i get tested positive after 3 months..
2nd, what i chances to contact with syphlis..i dont see any chancre at my penis..i do had cough and fever at 4 weeks but now ok..at 10 weeks, i notice red inside my penis uretra but no pain..what the possibility i have syphlis in my blood
please advise me..tq
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You can not get HIV from oral sex, it is not a risk.  So, take that off your worry list.  The only ways that adults get HIV is from having unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drugs.  Saliva and air both inactivate the virus and no one gets HIV from oral sex in the real world.  

Syphilis does pose some std concerns if received unprotected. This happened 10 weeks ago?  If you had gotten syphilis the person giving you oral would have had to have a sore you came in contact with and you'd develop a sore starting at 2 to 4 weeks after the exposure if you got it. In the absence of symptoms, I would not be worried.  Here is an older thread by a MedHelp expert doctor that discusses risks of receiving oral sex and std's in general.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/STD-risk-from-receiving-oral-sex/show/669224
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tq you for your response..actually i didnt see clearly the man because the light is quite dark inside the room..dont know if he got sore in his mouth..but since the incident,i didnt any obvious chancre on my penis..tq for the advise
what is the chance i will get syphlis from this encounter
Chances of syphilis are low, as it isn't that common.

You can get a test now and it will be accurate. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though.
tq aj for the response..i will tell you the result after get tested
one more question..lately i feel itchy inside my whole body..but not from the rash outer my body..it this symptom of hiv or syphlis..now i start to worry..i plan to do the test at 13 mac as 3 months since the encounter
You can't get HIV from oral sex. It's not HIV. Syphilis wouldn't cause itching all over your body with no rash, either. That sounds like anxiety or maybe dry skin or an allergy.

Just go test now for syphilis. A couple of weeks isn't going to matter. It probably would have been accurate at 6 weeks.
tq auntyjess..yes my skin was dry and i feel like ant bite all over my body..
That's not an STD symptom. I don't know if you have an allergy to something, or it's anxiety, or what, but it's not related to an STD.

I don't really know how else to answer this - the chances of syphilis are very, very low - I can't imagine how it would happen, but I suppose in theory, it might be able to happen. I've never heard of it happening this way.

It's been enough time that you can test now, so test if you can't let it go.
tq again aunt jessi..to be honest, im bit worried..ever since i know that my father were diagnose neurosyphlis last 10 january..since then, i start to worry about me..im worried i will transmitte this disease to my wife..

but in the end ,i know i have to test..hopefully everything ok..
I'm sorry about your dad, but that doesn't increase your risk.

Just test. You can keep worrying about it, or you can test and put it behind you.
tq aunt jessi..your response is really help to ease my anxiety..
hello there aunt jessi and others..today i went to do screening test for hiv and syhplis..alhamdulillah, all the result was negative..tq all for the advise..like today, ive met the nicest staff nurse in the world..
Congrats! I hope you feel better now for having tested, and can relax. :)
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