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sounds like a typical question

Hello forum. Thank you all for your time and service. I'm a 50-y.o male, married 28-years, recovering but struggling sexaholic. My last full STI screening (blood and urine) was about 5-weeks ago (all negative) but 3-weeks ago I received unprotected oral from a SW while away on business. I've had no sti symptoms (no discharge, no pain when urinating, warts, scabs, etc.) and what other "issues" I have are more consistent with chronic pelvic pain syndrome (which I've been treated for in the past - having to pee often, always feeling "full", dull ache in the pelvic region, etc.). As far as meds, I'm on 2x 500mg Naproxen for an unrelated problem (bursitis in the shoulder) and my daily supplements include turmeric, garlic and Vit-C.

So here's what I've got - it seems that every time i have an erection and almost every time after i pee i have this clear, somewhat sticky liquid leaking out of my penis. Always clear, sometimes a little, sometimes quite a lot. Now I'm a paranoid fellow so I'm checking (milking, opening the tip, etc.) almost hourly to make sure there's no sign of "color". And as I'm a struggling sexaholic at present I'm also masturbating almost daily, sometimes 2x. Never any pain when ejaculating.

Having read this forum rather extensively I take it that my sti risk (gon, ngu) is very slight and with no symptoms after 3-weeks i'm almost certainly negative (i've had worse "sti-like symptoms" in the past and always tested negative). My wife and I are rarely sexual these days but when we are its unprotected and i've always said i never want to bring anything home. So my questions...
1) any guesses as to what this clear, sticky leakage is? (mucous from my damaging it? pre-cum? something else?)
2) if I need to get tested and if so, in what way? (pee cup, swab - don't recall ever doing that one, full sti, etc.)

Thank you all again for your time and for maintaining this forum.
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Following-up: did the pee-test at a local sti clinic and today it came-back negative for gon/chla. Not a surprise, but a relief nonetheless. The nurse at the clinic was somewhat amused when i told him why i was getting tested - even went so far to say 'you know it's really hard to get anything from a bl*wj*b, right???' We had a nice chuckle and i basically said i am looking for peace of mind that only comes from a negative result, and as i was happy to pay out of pocket he was more than happy to oblige my need for said peace.
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Thanks for that brother. Yeah my last PSA was a tad elevated and I'm due for another check in a month or so. The CPPS symptoms come and go and are never too severe but certainly on my radar. Thanks also for the reassurance on the STI. That's what I thought but it always helps to hear from someone who's been there.
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Hi, a clear discharge like your discribing after milking,  without any urethra irritation would not be a symptom of any std. All urethras contain clear mucus inside. If your having fullness then i would suggest having your Prostate checked. Have you checked your PSA level lately?
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