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sti, syphilis, or something else

Hi gave oral sex to another man about Dec. 20th.  I started to get a dry throat, no mucus or soreness about about 1/5 (2 weeks later) and it has not gotten worse or better.  about 4 days ago 1/11, my armpits began to hurt.  It seems to be getting a little worse.  I dont feel any lumps but it does feel very tender and swollen.  my neck lymph nodes seem fine and are not swollen or tender.  I know syphilis is common in m2m oral.  I havent noticed in sores or bumps.  This was a guy man so I guessing Chlamydia isnt common. does the time line cause concern.  I know I need to get tested to be sure, please advice  
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Your symptoms are vague, which I'm sure you know, and it's cold/flu/covid season, which can account for a lot, as can stress.

You could have gonorrhea or chlamydia, and you're right that oral chlamydia isn't nearly as common as oral gonorrhea, though the gender of your partner doesn't matter so much - chlamydia just isn't transmitted orally as often.

Syphilis sores appear at 3 weeks, on average, but can appear anywhere from 10-90 days. Most people will test positive on a blood test by 6 weeks, though it can take  up to 90 days.

You definitely should test. You can get an oral swab for gonorrhea and chlamydia now, and get a test for syphilis at 6 weeks. Syphilis isn't all that common, generally speaking, in developed countries, though it is more common in MSM than other populations.

Let us know what the doc says.

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Ok, so I just had a syphilis test today at about 3.5-4 weeks.  I guess I will need to retest.  Thanks for the info.  
Good luck, I hope it's just a cold.
Yes, but you should also test for oral gonorrhea and chlamydia while you're at it. Chances aren't high for any of it, but might as well rule it all out.

Auntiejessi, I wish I could thank you in person for all the help you have given me and others on this thread.  You truly are a gem.  Maybe I will donate to planned parenthood or some other organization in your honor.  I have made an appointment  for a throat swab on Tuesday and I should have results by the end of next week.  

One last question to perhaps settle my nerves until then.  Is it odd that if my throat issue is causing my armpit lymph nodes to swell but that my neck nodes are normal.  The advice nurse said my symptoms seem odd for sti,  but because of the exposure I should get checked anyway. and she also said they could be 2 different issues.  meaning Icould have an sti in the throat, but not related to my nodes.
Thank you

I have somewhat of an update.
I tested for syphilis at 3.5 weeks and it came back negative.  I read that the test is 85% accurate at this time frame.  I will test again at 6 weeks if my throat cultures for gonorrhea and clymidia come back negative. I take these test tomorrow.
My symptoms to be more specific are...
-Dry, slightly scratchy throat that began about 3 weeks after I preformed oral on a man.  It doesnt feel sore but my bumps on the back of my tongue are a bit swollen.
- my lymph nodes in my armpits are sore to the touch this started a couple days after my throat began to bother me. I havent read anywhere that these nodes would get swollen
or bothered from gonorhea.  Today, a week later my left neck node that runs over my clavicle seems slightly swollen but not irritated.  I read that they would feel like bumps the size of a pea or a grape, mine just feels tight.
I hope my symptoms are not those of gonorhea, but I must have something with my nodes swollen
It is really hard for us to determine what are swollen glands on ourselves. If you think you have swollen glands under your arms, you should see an actual doctor and get an exam. That would not be from an STD.

Having a dry, irritated throat can be from so many things - spending time inside with heat on, needing to change filters on your furnace, allergies, covid, a cold, the flu, reflux, etc.

Syphilis and oral gonorrhea and chlamydia are uncommon - not impossible, so don't do yourself a disservice and only focus on those as causes. It could very easily and is very likely something else.
I went to see my doctor 2 days ago at kaiser, he looked at my throat 31 days after exposure.  He said it didnt seem like an sti.  He said that usually a bacteria or virus would make your throat sore and I'd have pain either in my mouth or when I swallow.  He did say I have mucus and a red irritated throat.  He prescribed me antacid and oral antifungal.  He didnt seem convinced he knew what it was and gave me sti screening . My throat swabs were negative for gonorrhea and climydia and my Treponema Pallidum antibody was also negative.  Heres where I'm confused.
1- The lab said my 1st syphilis rpr test at 23 days was 95-97% accurate.  
2- my 2nd test Trep. Pallidim would "most likely" detect syphilis from 3-5 weeks post exposure1 days.  Mine being at 4.5 weeks (31days) it also would have over a 90% accuracy.
How can they claim these numbers?  I read on here that it's closer to 75% accurate..  I would believe the 90+% but my tongue and throat are still swollen, red and mucus.  
3- I still do not see or feel an ulcer in my mouth.  Could it be down my throat where I couldnt see it, and if it was wouldnt I be able to feel it when I swallow.  Thank you.
I don't know where they are getting those numbers. I don't know what kind of testing they did - the brands of the test, etc.

Syphilis doesn't cause your symptoms. You would have a painless round sore.

Oral sex is lower risk than penetrative sex. There are dozens of other things that cause mucus in your throat, etc.

Your testing is negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia - that's good. It's negative so far for syphilis - not surprising. Yes, syphilis is more common among m2m, but please keep in mind that in 2019, there were 28,846 cases of syphilis in California (where I think you live because of Kaiser), and 237,630 of chlamydia. Chances are excellent that your partner didn't have it. (https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/CDPH%20Document%20Library/2019-STD-Snapshot.pdf)

Syphilis sores appear at the point of infection. If his penis wasn't way down your throat, the sore wouldn't be there. He'd also have to have a sore in order for you to get it.

My throat definitely has something in it.  Down the back of the tongue.  I told my dr, I wasnt satisfied with t shirt e accuracy of the syphilis test at 31 days, so she told me to take another at 36 days.  The same T Pallidium test.  It to was non reactive. I keep reading on hear I should wait 6 weeks (42 days)  and on line it says 12 weeks. my question is when and what type (rpr or T. Pallidium) of syphilis test should I take to rule this out?  I cant identify anything as a sore in my mouth so I need to rely on the test.  Sorry for being bothersome, but none of the info matches
Have you heard of Globus? Its basically the feeling of a lump or something in your throat. Can often be cause by stress and anxiety.

The recommended time frame for syphilis tests are 6 weeks however at 4 weeks they are pretty accurate and usually will not change from that date. Lets look at the FACTS:

Did you have oral sex with a man? YES
Are the symptoms in your throat you describe of an STI? (Dry throat over 2 weeks) - NO
Swollen axillary lymph nodes a sign of an STI from oral  - No
Is HIV a risk? - NO
Are STI common from oral? - No
Could your symptoms steam from anxiety, a cold and other seasonal viral things - Yes

You say "I know syphilis is common in m2m oral". That is incorrect. It may be seen more on m2m and f2m but is certainly isn't common. Especially in developed countries and even less so in oral sex due to the nature of saliva.

Try to relax. Get a FINAL test done at 6 weeks and it will be negative and move on. Your one exposure was so minimal of a risk that as AJ says, most experts feel it does not warrant testing void of symptoms and personally I don't feel that you have any symptoms.

You may have to accept you don't have an STD.  Hoping you do that at some point soon. You are getting more and more evidence that you don't.  Anxiety driven concerns make that hard to accept. If you take another syphilis test, I hope you can receive the negative result as final. Best of luck to you
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