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unprotected oral sex with a sex club worker

On Friday 26th August [ 6 days ago]  I visited a sex club  that has strict state health regulations in screening regularly their female sex workers for STI's .

I had protected vaginal sex but had unprotected oral sex ,no condom when receiving a blow job and I performed unprotected oral on the sex worker.  

What are the risks of exposure to STI's ?

To date my symptoms are when I urinate a slight heat light feeling and delay when starting my urine just when it exists the bladder near where the flow passes the prostate area. The first urine flow in the morning  is less uncomfortable as in symptoms .

What are the risks of exposure to STI's ?

To date my symptoms are when I urinate a slight heat light feeling and delay when starting my urine just when it exists the bladder near where the flow passes the prostate area.

There is no severe burning /stinging and no pain in the urethra shaft of the penis. I have no discharge , no blisters no redness around the foreskin .

4 weeks prior to my visit to the sex club I was suffering from prostatitis [ inflammation] due to multiple long distance bicycle rides .To date when sitting for long periods of time it becomes uncomfortable and flares up the prostrate . I have a history of prostatitis flare ups . My Prostatitis inflammation can last 3 to 6 months only 10% of cases are infections  

The past 6 days I have masturbated 3 times as it can either relieve the symptoms of prostatitis or it can aggravate the problem so it seems to of made  my symptoms worse or could it be the symptoms of a STI?

When ejaculating there is no pain and no discharge .  

I also have patchy white coating on my tongue that I had prior to my visit to the sex club as I was on Amoxicillin that can cause oral thrush /candida  but has now it has  increased slightly after my sexual encounter . Could this be oral thrush from vaginal fluid or some other STI ?

I regret going to the sex club and not having protected oral sex . I've read some posts from medical doctors on this site that unprotected oral sex is  low risk and that a single exposure of unprotected oral sex is very low risk is this true ?

I'm very worried that my symptoms are now due to a STI as well as inflammation of my prostate .

Sorry for this rather long post and somewhat confusing situation and questions

thanks kindly

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Oral sex carries low risk for most STIs and no risk for some.

Chlamydia - low risk
Gono - low risk
Syphilis - incredibly low risk depending where you live
HSV - Low risk
HIV - No risk.

Now if this venue is strict on his testing procedures, then that would reduce any risks also. Your symptoms do not suggest an STI (though you have prostatitis (I do also) and these symptoms are more like this).

Personally I would not worry about a sexually transmitted cause from this.
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The fact that my first urine flow  this morning there was no heat sensation or slight delay and  l in the flow suggest more prostatitis as the more that I sit at my computer desk the more the symptoms increase  .

I'm sure if it was a STI it would be constant discomfort severe stinging and by now I would of had discharge especially Gono that being 7 days post sexual exposure .

This particular  sex club is in a western European country where I live and is State monitored regarding STI's  screening it has other clubs all over the country with the same brand name .

What are the STI incubation periods of

2[ Chlamydia

After 3 weeks post sexual encounter if there is no more symptoms then I should be in the clear for sure .

Do you think I might have a NGU [ not a STI] due to bacteria from the mouth of the sex worker or a UTI ?

I have purchased doxycline 100mg that can eradicate Chlamydia and NGU infection just in case.

The treatment dosage is 100mg x2 daily for 7 days  

thank you for your reply sorry to hear that you suffer from prostatitis it can be so debilitating . As you know yourself no point going to the doctor with chronic non bacterial prostatitis they only give you antibiotics when only 10% of cases are due to infection    

thanks again
Good morning (Im in the UK!)

So window periods...

1 - 2 weeks
2 - 2 weeks
3 - around a week
4 - 4 to 6 weeks

For 3 and 4, if there are no symptoms (sores, open lesions etc) then do not worry. These 2 would be the least of my worries.

and you know, 1 and 2 often show symptoms of discomfort whilst urination and a thick discharge. From what you explain, I do not feel that you are showing symptoms of an STI, rather that of prostatitis. On a side note, if you youtube CPPS stretches, there are some that actually did help me!)

Could it be NGU? Potentially but I wouldn't have thought so. I would be sceptical about using abx without a definite bacterial cause.
thanks again for your reply

I done some research that with GONO almost every case [80%] the symptoms are severe burning/stinging all inside the shaft of the penis urethra and or discharge especially the longer it goes untreated . I have no such symptoms this now being 8 days post sexual exposure .The researched that average incubation period is 2 to 5 days before symptoms  appear GONO . Is this correct ?

I read posts on this website that Chlamydia is very low risk from vaginal oral sex . So only concerned with receiving a blow job without a condom but medical doctors/experts say that from one exposure from unprotected oral sex is very low risk from Chlamydia but low risk from GONO  

The NGU might be a possibility but again a high percentage of cases are the same symptoms as GONO discharge and severe burning and a redness at the tip of the inside of the urethra . The inside shows no inflamed redness . So I cant see me having a NGU What do you think ?

Went to the toilet last nigh 11pm was watching some porn started getting a erection but did not masturbate when I urinated after the erection the symptoms were a tightness and slight heat sensation . This morning went to the toilet to urinate there was no discomfort . This always happens first thing in the morning virtually no symptoms .

If this was a STI I surely I would have symptoms every time I went to urinate .

The symptoms seem to get worse through out the day especially when I am sitting more ,so I think you are right .

Thank you for the info regarding the CPPS stretches I will look at the videos  

Thanks kindly


The only way to know if you have an STD is to test. The chances of getting one from oral sex are lower than vaginal or anal sex.

There is a lot of antibiotic resistance for gonorrhea, and nothing you mentioned here would cure gonorrhea. If you take the doxy, and you have symptoms still, you will have to wait a few weeks to get an accurate test.

Taking antibiotics you don't need also creates more resistance.

As SM already suggested, your symptoms could be attributed to prostatitis, and he'd know, as he has it.

If you have prostatitis, you must have a doctor. Just go get tested.
thank you for your reply auntie jessi  its now 14 days post exposure and I have no discharge and or severe burning when urinating . I 've visited ask the experts website two professional doctors that are or were on this website mention that with GONO if you start having symptoms they only get worse and that 90% of cases  of GONO have discharge  and or severe burning in males and the average incubation   period  is 2 to 5 days with GONO So I can be confident that I do not have GONO so that leaves NGU or Chlamydia or Chronic non bacterial prostatitis/ CPPS so the doxy will clear up a NGU and Chlamydia .  "Cunnilingus also is very low risk for STIs. There is a minuscule chance of oral gonorrhea, virtually no risk of oral chlamydia, zero risk for HIV, and close to zero for HIV.  H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
I agree with all of that. Dr. HHH is one of the best.

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