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ureaplasma parvum

Hi ,
I am in s new relationship for over 5 month by now and my girlfriend had clear vaginal discharge .
she did urine pcr test and got positive for ureaplasma Parvum .
All other tests are negative .
By searching the web i see diffrent opinions.
my gfd got 10 days doxycycline
1. is it an std ?
2. should i get abx too ?

thank you for your help.

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This is found in the body naturally, and can sometimes overgrow, and sometimes it can be sexually transmitted when that happens. It's not an indication that any one has cheated, which would be a natural question, but it's not like chlamydia or gonorrhea that requires an exposure to get.

There are no definitive standards to partner treatment, but some experts do recommend that partners be treated.



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