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Worried about STD, no insurance don't know where to go and what to do

To Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield,

Thanks for all the help you give in this website. I know this is no substitute for direct care service with a physician, but in my situation is the best I can do before I decide to spend a lot of money because of lack of health insurance.

Last night I went to an "adult entertainment club". I decided to go with a girl to a "private dance". Mostly she put my fingers on her mouth and guided me to clitoral stimulation. Then (after several minutes) she grabbed my penis and rubbed it with her butt cheeks (and only her butt cheeks). I barely had my pants down, so only my penis was exposed nothing else. I did ejaculated but, I was not touching her when I did and I did not touch myself with the hand she used for her stimulation. I was not looking forward to this so immediately went back home and took a shower with very hot water and antibacterial soap. I washed my hands first. Also, she was the only girl I touched during the night. I have had only two sex partners in my life and I don't remember the last time I frequented a place like this.

I am uncircumcised (and I know we are at higher risk) and during the night I felt the skin that attaches to the head of the penis swollen. It hurts a bit. No pain or itch while urinating. Today all day it has remain like so and I noticed a very tiny reddish bump on my testicle. I can't even see for sure if it does have a white head or not. It seems like it does not. Several days ago I trimmed the hairs in the area with scissors, don't know if it is related.

I am at risk in terms of genital to skin contact? I am really worried didn't sleep well last night and couldn't concentrate today. I don't know where to go for help, is there any low cost option to seek care for this? Lab, diagnosis? I heard of Planned Parenthood, is this a reputable, safe and accurate place?

Thanks again for all the help you can bring.
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Welcome to the STD forum.

There is not the slightest risk of STD from this sort of event.  You should not be worried and do not need testing.  Everybody gets pimples or other "red bumps" on the scrotum from time to time.  Here is a thread that explains why STD transmission is not a risk:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/1119533 (go to the last 2-3 comments toward the end of the thread).

I do not believe you need any medical evaluation at all.  But ff you really feel you need the reassurance of medical assessment, and with money/insurance being an issue, just look in the phone book and call your local health department.  Most likely there are very low cost or free services for STD evaluation.  Planned Parenthood may or may not meet the need; most likely there would be a fee.  But why are you asking here?  PIck of the phone and ask them!

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Thanks Doctor!

I had read many of your post and I had a feeling this was going to be the answer, but the explanation on the thread really calmed me down. One more thing though, I don't mean to be excessive. Specifically for HSV-1, HSV-2 in my case since there was skin rubbing for a few minutes (~5-7 mins) is the answer still the same? I still don't understand the risk for this specific STD in terms of skin to skin contact where there is no visible symptom. Thanks, and it will be the last question regarding this.

About the soreness in the foreskin of the penis. It is a little pink/red and a little bit swollen, nothing much. The head of the penis itself close to where the foreskin attaches is a little bit pink but not swollen only foreskin is swollen. Can i try Desitin? Or would this not be of any help? Honestly I've had this symptoms before after self-stimulation, if I used no lubricant. But, given the situation I wanted to ask the original question for peace of mind.

Thanks for the local health department information, did not know that. I'll call and if cost is reasonable I will get checked out, just to have that 100% assurance. About Planned Parenthood, I guess I just wanted to ask your professional opinion about the place since you are not affiliated with it and would not have a biased opinion. If you knew about it, if you recommended it in terms of reputation and accuracy of tests provided. But, yes I will pick up the phone and ask them :). Having no health insurance well, I have no professional opinion about which places to go to have serious, and reasonably priced care.

Thanks again for your time. I appreciate it.
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Hi Dr. It has been a while. I hope this thread it's still alive.

Around 5 days after exposure I went to a GUM clinic since the redness on my scrotum would not go away and I had redness/rash in the groin area. Also because it was the cheapest way to get medical assessment. They did the STD panel (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV). I haven't called for the results, but they said that if they don't contact you within 2 weeks that is negative. Since you have given me some reassurance I doubted the results were going to be any other way.

(I know the following is not purely related to STD, but since I feel is related to the incident I hope its ok to follow the thread).
However, the nurse/attendant at the clinic told me it was jock itch. I consulted over the phone with a friend who is an MD (years of experience as well) and said that "from what I hear and your description It should be". I started lotrimin (week and a half), and did not much effect, hydrocortisone added afterwards (nothing).

I started to feel increasing urge of urination, sens of urine leak w/o actually leaking, the skin on the penis was rugged and dark, the head of the penis started having red patches and the base of the head which is covered by the foreskin was kind of white. I went to an expert in internal medicine last Friday. Said it was jock itch gave me a more potent version of coltrimazole and betamethasone and did Urinalisys. UA came out negative with microscopic traces of blood in urine.

Here is when it starts getting "intersting". After the visit the the sens of urine leak changed to actual pain in the dorsal/base of the penis. I could it "feel" something inside while urinating, although no burning sensation. The pain was very bad!. Before and since the visit as well I"ve had pulsations on my lower abdomen with slight pain between my lower abdomen (right flank) and the ribs along with a sense of fullness.

I went to a urologist (which was the one who told me about the blood trace in the urine, since the first doctor did not wanted to answer the phone and shielded himself behind his nurses). He ordered me a urine culture (results tomorrow or Friday) and said he was not worried about redness in scrotum, but did not pay too much attention to actual penis. He did not know for sure why the pain. After and during examination the pain came back stronger. This was yesterday. Last night i felt a swollen/tender lymph node on my groin and the skin of the head of the penis became rough (no blisters or ulcers) and very red. The foreskin/prepuce very swollen and tight.

Today after lunch a lymph node behind my right ear became extremely swollen and red and still has not reduced its size. I have no fever (I've been monitoring it since the event), but I feel nauseous. I have been during a lot of stress because of this to the point that I sometimes get headaches. I don't feel paranoid, but It does worry me that two doctors don't have the slightest idea what I have and I am running out options.

My questions:

1)  Could I have developed a UTI because of the area of the encounter? I read E.coli was the most common cause of lower UTI.
2)  Could the penis symptoms be Banalitis caused by bacteria or fungi (not tinea)? ( I don't have diabetes)
3)  Why would the lymph node in the ear swell? I really don't understand this symptom.
4) Could this be a kidney stone and its just pure coincidence that it happen right after the event??????
5) Could Jock Itch give me a UTI since it hasn't cured in so long (per the average time of treatment)
6) Could I be having internal symptoms of Herpes without external lesions?

Again, I appreciate your time and efforts.
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Sorry, this is far too much detail for a follow-up comment. You'll have to start a new thread.  Even then, it will have to be shortened to the required limit of 2,000 characters, about 400 words -- about half the current length. ( Don't spill over into a comment window or the thread will be deleted without reply.)
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Hi Doctor,

I understand. I will start a new thread in Urology forum. I think it is more appropriate. I appreciate your time.

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