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How To Identify Your Disability?/Is It Confused as Psychiatric?

I know for myself it can be difficult for me because what I have causes seizure like episodes that have aspects of dysmentia and psychosis. But although they are working on defining the exact terminology my neurologist and psychiatrist both agree its neurological and my psychiatric disability is "in relative remission". I would not think this is uncommon as some people with m.s. and cerebral palsy sometimes have their disability mistaken as psychiatric. I do have a tag that states I have tardive dyskinesia but since the neuropsychiatric aspects of it as critieria themselves are still being understood clinically I can't really get identification for a disability that itself is under study. I would not think that this situation is uncommon for people and if a neurological disability is mistaken for a psychiatric disability the results could be physically dangerous. If its a known quantity such as a person having treatment refractory epilepsy there is clear i.d. for that and doctors and most of the public know what to do. But what if it isn't? Have people experienced that personally in any manner?
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In the beginning of my journey into Limbo Land I was told I was suffering from Anorexia and Panic/Anxiety attacks.I have always been very intune with my body. I have always trusted myself. Because my symptoms were mild and my diagnostic tests were mostly normal the doctors though it was all in my head. I truely felt as if I were "loosing it" I was second guessing myself.
It took 6 months for me to find a doctor who believed in me. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and complcated migraines .The neurologist could not believe that it had been missed. I also was told that my supposed normal brain mri was never normal to begin with.I had 15 lesions that had been there all along.I am now heading towards a possible MS dx.How do you go from panic attacks to possible MS in 10 months?Doctors need to listen!  
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I dont know if you know the story of Sophia Mirza

It is one of the saddest i have ever read about the injustices put on someone who was so ill but told she was suffering from a psychiatric disorder.


I am going to put this as a thread on its own. It is deserving it.
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