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P.S. from Mersilkee

if you would like to know more about me, living with chronic pain, neuro disorders and FTD, coping measures, research and treatment options, health care industry issues, my journey and a poem here and there please feel free to visit me at one of my blogs: Iamdying.net or professionalpatient1.net.

I use to be a patient advocate before I became ill and I am doing my best to continue to be a patient advocate by communicating with others as much as I can.
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Yes I can well understand and although I am in a bad position from your other post I can only imagine what you are coping with. However, I myself as a consumer advocate before acquiring my neurological disability continue to advocate and testify to have what they are tentatively concluding might be my neurological disability be identified, treated and prevented. If you can find any support groups or advocacy groups that work to help in this regard it would be beneficial. You might find some by searching online.
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I think you are truly amazing that even with all your problems you can come here and try to support us through our journey.

I have great respect for you. In deed I do. xxxx Mariaxxx Thank you.
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