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Neuro Appt. Yesterday

Hey Everyone,

I had a follow up with my neuro yesterday. What a nice appt. I had with him...geezz.. He was in a good mood...
It started by him being totally in awe over my dunkin donuts coffee I had brought in with me. He said "man that looks good, this time of day I just really need a lift to keep me going" I told him had I have known I would have brought him one and I could relate because this time of day I usuually hit a wall and need a pick me up...

He asked how I was doing...really asked...I said okay, although the burning seemed to subside on face I still had some numb spots on side of face around upper and lower lip and pain on lower jaw and upper cheek..that comes and goes still..I told him I was afraid to tell him and knocked on wood but could NOT tell him the last time I had a migraine...he said Really?

I went on to ask him about my Lyme results because I could not remember if her had told me them the last time...He looked in his computer and said I tested you for Lyme?? I said yes and you sent me for MRI...He said OMG it is not in my notes..hold on..and he called the nurse for my lab results..she brought them in asap and he look at me and said I am so embarrassed......Right then and there I finally felt for the first time he was a normal guy....just a normal guy..no better than me just because he was a doc...

Anyhoot I told him I forgave hime and it was probably because he had not had his afternoon dunkin ;o)

My Lyme's test was negative..He said that he wants to test every so often as this is a test that is tricky and wants to be safe.. Now the only thing he said about MRI was that it was normal...which I ALREADY KNOW it's NOT.. I left that one alone...I think he meant it did not show anything relating to current face pain

He said he wants to increase my Topomax one more time...because Topomax seems to have my migraines undercontrol AND can be used for a lot of other things..he wants to up it to see if it will take care of the rest of the risidual pain I have...IF NOT, he will put me on a more specific medication that is used for nueropathic pain..I hope I said that right....and said Lyrica or Cymbalta..He said these 2 meds are successful in being used for pain but he does not want to put me on ALL kinds of meds..If he can treat both issues with 1 he can be satisfied, if not we will look at the other option....He also told me a story of a study of a patient with neuropathic pain from diabetes and said this med was used and worked well for.....

So...follow up in 3 months..AND do not hesitate to call me if anything happens....

Any thoughts????

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Hi guys well sort of a result then.

I have come to the conclusion that the neurologists have so many patients that they get us mixed up.

I mean when i find letters from the neuro to the doctor saying I DEFINITELY have lesions even possibly demylinating ones, then when I see him he says there is no evidence of MS I wonder sometimes whos notes he is looking at lol.

Anyway my daughter is on lyrica. She has no problems with it. When she had her hysterectomy they trapped a nerve for her in her stomach and she is in pain all the time, but the lyrica works well. AND BELIEVE it or not she had chronic IBS and has not had it since taking this stuff, and when i did research they are finding that lyrica can work wonders with IBS lol....so she feels even better.

The thing is how can they give you this stuff for nerve pain if you have migraines only .....

Nerve pains are neurological in design......

Lymes disease like binxy said is hard to diagnose.

Anyway like i said my daughter is happy with lyrica it is working well for her.

big hugs. xxx maria
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So glad this doc turned out to be human after all!

I have seen the difficulty of getting off cymbalta, as binx mentioned.

Warm spring wishes for you.
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Thanks guys,

I had a nice appt...encouraging....I am going to read up on both meds....face is hurting still but I have upped my meds we will see.

Keep you posted...If it does not seem to help I am not waiting for next appt...I'll call him..

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I'm glad to hear you had a good rapport with neuro it makes all the difference.

I can't advise you on the meds he mentioned, although I've heard some bad reviews with cymbalta.

Good news that Lyme test was negative, but I like the idea he will be re-testing to be sure.

Take care.
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hi jibs,

well, this sounds like a much better experience with your neuro than you have described in the past.  i am really happy about that.

interesting that he is more seriously considering lyme disease.  you may want to post over on the lyme board or communicate directly with wonko about proper testing and why the test most docs run is hardly accurate.  she is incredibly knowledgeable, as is jackie on the lyme board.  

your neuro is right that it is tricky to diagnose, but there is more reliable testing through igenex labs here in california.  it is expensive, but you can submit forms to your insurance for partial reimbursement.  we have super crummy insurance, but i am actually getting a little bit of $$ back which shocked the you-know-what out of me.  i go in on 3/24 for my results.  i'll be sure to let you know the outcome of that appointment.

i would research lyrica and cymbalta if i were you.  cymbalta is primarily used as an anti-depressant, but was found to relieve neuropathic pain associated with diabetes, as your neuro said.  i have read individual accounts of success with cymbalta, but have also read some not-so-nice stories about it, especially when it comes to weaning off of it.  again, these are just individual experiences, and everyone is different, but i suggest you do your homework if you are considering trying one of these meds.

i tried lyrica about 18 months ago, and it made me really spacey and unable to function in the mornings.  then again, i am a real weirdo when it comes to medications.  i have a wacky response to nearly everything and anything they throw at me which is a bummer.  

so, these are my thoughts, for what they are worth.  i hope you are doing really well and having a lovely day.

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