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The little things in life that make you smile

While dealing with the drudgery of having a chronic illness and other illnesses as some of us have here, sometimes it is hard to remember to smile.  The day to day of drugs, dealing with symptoms and just dealing period makes it tough!

On my way to and from work I pass a farm where the farmer plants sunflowers every other year.  It is a sea of yellow as far as the eye can see.  The landscape changes as the day goes on.  In the am it is very serene.  In the evenings there are cars lined up on the road.  There are families sitting along the edge of the flowers with children running along them, people taking pictures and others just standing there staring  in awe at the beauty.  It is truly spectacular.  

One cannot help but smile as you drive past.  It is things like this that make you remember that life is short and sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses or in this case stop and look at the SUNFLOWERS!

I have uploaded pictures but they just do not do it justice.  I wish all of you lived here so you could see is the beauty that I get to look at every day.

Have a wonderful day all!
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So glad you all enjoyed them!

Have a great week and hopefully this rain and drearyness leaves soon -  the humidity here is awful!

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i love this.  oh my gosh.
i love sunflowers so much and attempted to grow some of my own this year, but where i live is so cold and foggy, and the earwigs kept nibbling at the tender sprouts.  ultimately, we only got one anemic looking plant that finally blossomed last week.

the photos are beautiful--i can picture myself in better days running through the field myself.  thank you so much for sharing the images and the opportunity for a day dream or two...
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Simply Beautiful!
Thankyou for taking the time to share a reminder of God's beautiful creation with us all.

Enjoy this weekend as you go back.
I'll be a bit envious from my little corner of NC!

Hugs and blessings,
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They are amazing aren't they and it just does not do it justice.  I am going to stop again over the weekend with my better camera and take more.  I want to frame some for my house.

It makes the ride to and from work so much better!
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Checked out photes...I would be stopped all day!

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