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new neuro tomorrow

Oh, I don't even know if I want to go through with this... But, I have my appointment with a new neuro at a nearby university medical center tomorrow. Can't shake the feeling of dread. Do I really want to put myself through this again? I've only been on their list since May of 2010.

My apologies for not being around much. The new job (that almost immediately went from part-time to nearly full-time) and the Masters program has wiped me out. I'm not sleeping well and the pain in my neck and arm are nearly unrelenting. I've had to start taking some pain meds on top of the gabapentin just to get by. I make it through the day, but I'm really in pain by about 2PM.

I swear, if this doc gives me the psych explanation, I might just smack him. You can pray for him this time around.

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Hi faith well thats all very positive.

I havent been around because of the pain in my shoulder and left arm which started 2 weeks ago its a nightmare.

I also started to have major pain in my back (SPASMS) AND one hit me in the hip so bad I couldnt move forward and the pain i thought i was going to die with it. It was one spasm after another even in my left arm which has made the arm weaker and it still aches.......

in 2009 i  had an MRI which showed a lesion on my C5 which affects the deltoid muscle and arm and hands.....

Anyway it got so bad i contacted my neuro as I couldnt even push the handle forward on my little mobility scooter.

I am to have a neck MRI again as he is wondering if there is a fresh lesion there.

I can tell you one thing if you work with that pain you must be a saint as the pain has been so horrendous I couldnt even really type much.

So if you can get on a T3 tesla machine MRI go for it, as they are the best for picking up these lesions.

Big hugs, and I think you are truly inspiring. xxxxxx
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Hi everyone!

So sorry I haven't been around. I finished the first MBA class with either a high B or a low A. WooooHOOOO! Can't tell you how proud I am of that, especially considering that I'm almost at the one year point since I had the stroke or seizure, or whatever that was. A year ago I could barely read or write! The job is really demanding right now, but pushing my brain to recover has been really good for me in so many ways. I made the decision to drop out of the program as it is just tooooooo much to try to work and take classes right now.

Since I last jumped in here, I did see the new neuro. It was a strange experience. I first saw a young resident, a female, then her supervising doc came back with her. I didn't get a  diagnosis, but I did at least get the thing I've been asking for: a referral for physical therapy. They want to repeat the MRI (I think it will be on a better machine) and do a nerve conduction study. The best part for me -- no psych explanation, just we know something is going on here. They said they want to start with looking at my neck to see if perhaps something there is the cause of the problems I'm having. I have to repeat this: no psych explanation! No anxiety or depression explanation. No somatoform/conversion disorder disorder crap.

In the meantime, I've started going to a new chiropractor and I'm hoping that's going to help with the pain. This chiro must have spent 3 hours with me just going over previous medical history, and actually read my records. They can do some physical therapy there, and of course they want to do all of the physical therapy. I'm still going to go for the full therapy at a local rehab though. The pain in my neck, shoulder, and left arm is excruciating sometimes. Some relief from that would be a godsend.

So, there's the update. This next week of work is going to be really intense.
Please forgive me for not being around much these past few weeks. I've got one more hard week to get through, then I should be back on track to have a normal schedule.

Just so you know, all of you have helped me more than I can ever say.

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Sorry I missed this..I hope you are doing okay....and your appt. was successful

Big hugs
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Hi faith i hope you are ok, i sent you message too but not seen you on i hope it went well, PLEASE put me out of out misery.

xxxx big hugs. Mariaxxx
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I hope you find this neuro more understanding than the ones in the past.
Let us know how it goes, I'll be rooting for you.
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dear faithHGL,

i sincerely hope this doc is not like the others you have met with during this journey.  i know what it's like to have been dismissed as an anxiety case, and can understand your feelings of apprehension surrounding that, but i am praying you are truly listened to and understood during your appointment.

please, please, please let us know how it goes.

blessings to you,
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Ah bless you faith, you have to at least try with this new neuro. Sometimes new eyes might see something others have missed. I know how you feel though.

The pain in your neck and arm have your tried something like a deep heat cream? I get something similar a spasm and the deep heat cream does seem to help. Pain is just so wearing.

You are doing well though. I can remember before you started working worrying about how you would cope now you are working more hours thats brilliant and doing a masters program, talk about pushing yourself lol.

I shall be thinking of you tomorrow. Big hugs. Mariaxxx
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