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Quick way to dissolve provisional cement

Hi! Maybe someone has an advice for me :)

I've recently had some major dental work done and I have a superior bridge that was glued with provisional cement eight weeks and a half ago. Meanwhile the dentist has worked on the inferior part and glued with provisional cement the inferior bridge two - three weeks ago. Since the bite and everything  else has been ok in these last weeks, we had an appointment to take off the bridges and apply permanent cement.

For about 40 minutes, the dentist tried to remove the bridges , but she couldn't. So, we have an appointment for next week when she'll try again. In normal conditions, I wouldn't have problems waiting several weeks or months, but I'm moving 700 km away at the end of June, something they knew since we started this dental work in January. So, I'm wondering if there is any way for me to help dissolve this provisional cement or any other safe way to intervene.

My second problem is that I've noticed that she chipped away a bit of the ceramics on one of the canines. It's close to the gum, but you can still see it. These news made my dental technician very nervous, saying that when she repairs the bridge, she'll need to put it in the oven, and since the superior bridge has been inside my mouth for a bit more than two months, the material has come in contact with substances and it might behave differently in the oven, and it might get ruined, so I might need a new bridge then.

Now I don't know how to approach my dentist next week. If she hadn't chipped away some of the ceramics, I would have told her that I prefer to wait the time it takes for this provisional cement to dissolve itself, but since the reparation is urgent, according to my dental technician, I think that the dentist should do her best to remove it as soon as possible.

So, I guess, my question is if there is a safe way to accelerate dissolving the provisional cement that I could practise at home? Or would dental floss help if I move it gently around the teeth?

Thank you.
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