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Help me diagnose these std like symptoms please all thoughts welcome

I had unprotected sex with a female friend, 2-3 weeks later I started having testicular pain that was accompanied by a cluster of bumps around the bottom foreskin of my penis (thinking it was from this new crazy work out I just started I paid it no mind) then shortly after the pain started I had a white discharge, then the pain stop. But I still had the bumps.Of course I feared the worst (Hiv) I spoke with my Dr told him everything, he told me for the most accurate test I should wait 3 months to get tested for hiv so I got tested (2month and 3 weeks after possible exposure) and everything came back negative. (All std negative) (Hiv 4th gen test) so I was super excited but then I started thinking about the bumps so I asked him about the bumps he said it’s  pearly penis but I googled pictures and pearly penis is around the top head of the penis not the botttom forskin and I didn’t have them before I had unprotected sex. What do you think?
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