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please kindly read, it's not just one thing

My name is Steven,
Please I have this digestive problem, when it started , it escalated that it caused me to be having jump breathing.
If I work a little bit, I will start breathing fast, after I went for text and the doctor said it's some that has to do with Acid Reflux/GERD which I was given pills but it didn't work for me,

I took herbal and it worked, but quite unfortunate for me, I traveled and didn't take the herbal for long.

Now, the Acid Reflux/GERD seems to be coming back bit by bit and my urine is always always yellow, never gets clean unless I drink too much water , but the next day, it's very yellow again.

Now I find out that despite how clean I try to keep my balls and my body keeping it shaved all the time and even dry, I find out that it seems my body keeps producing dirt that even after having a shower and after a couple of hours and I hardly scratch my body, dirty will be coming out and the worse part is't worse down my private parts

If I go to bed and wake up, everywhere is already produced dirt, real bad, I mean wishing my penis and balls.

But because it's dry down there it doesn't smell, but the cost producing of dirt, kills me.
Help someone help me with what to do.

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