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Breathe Hope in Me - what's happening with you today?

Everyone - I've never met anyone else with my diagnosis.  I'm interested to see if we have similar stories.

I've always felt different from everyone else, even as a child.  Everyone seemed to be able to just live live more easily, whereas I was contantly observing what was going on around me and trying to monitor how I fit in.

When I was diagnosed a little over a year ago, it made me look at my life from a different perspective.  I think I've come to terms with my diagnosis, and have stopped trying to be something I'm not.  But I have to be careful not to isolate myself too much; it's not healthy for me.  

I hope someone out there can relate.
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Wow, it sounds like you've worked really hard to hide your real self from others, and that medication hasn't worked so well for you.  Great job posting here - please keep it up.  I promise to be more active in this group.  There wasn't much going on in the group for a long time, and now I am so grateful to see new postings.  

I wish you peace,
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I have similar feelings. i feel like im an antisocial, social person. im the type to stay in the shadows, but always around. i have come to realise that i dont fit in, n no one really knows me. n in all reality, no one can ever really know me, which kind of hurts sometimes. all of the things that stay hidden cuz they're not "normal" or whatnot. i thought i was normal. i thought everyone heard voices, n saw things, n felt things that werent there. i grew up thinking i was normal, just like everyone else. i just kept quiet, cuz i thought it was meant to be a secret. but the secret was that people would look at me oddly when i was young n giggling to myself in the corner. then they gave me medication, that medication made me like a zombie. now im off it all and living my life to the extent i can. im depressed, but i hide it, im bipolar, but i hide it, im schizophrenic, but i hide it. i just wish i could hide from the voices, n hide from the chaos that my mind makes me see. the manicness i witness, even if it is in my head.

sometimes...i just wish i could hide from myself.....
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