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How do I react to my Partner for the best?

How do I react to my Partner?  This thing about the 'Hell's Angel's' Club voices are beginning to grind on me.  I go along with it all, but what the voices are saying seem to be becoming more and more of a convenience to him!  The Council say he's to stay no longer than 4 days round my flat (not that anybody would notice!).  It appears that the biker voices tell him that after 4 days of stay round mine, that it's time to party elsewhere!  It's getting hard to know what to believe and what not too.  From what I have read on this site, and from experience, I've learnt that It would be most insulting to not agree that his voices are real.  It's going beyond a game :-(  What do I do?  Beanie0 :-)
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does he have integrity? do you really believe him and would he lie? I try to go against what the voices tell me maybe encourage him to talk more other than what the voices tell him can he pay attention still many answers to be found would he write down stuff? I hope this helps my friend :)
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