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I heard voices?!?!?!?

OK well I have ocd and I have had a fear of having schizophrenia! Ever since then I have been "hearing" things. Especially when I have that fear on my mind BUT I was in the bathroom and I thought I heard someone say "hello? Die" so I came out of the bathroom and I asked my mom what she said and she said that she was just talking to the cat... But she didn't say hello die! It sounded like someone was actually saying it .... Except it sounded like maybe someone across the apartment or something.... Kinda distint.
What is this????!?!?! Am I crazy?????? I don't know what to do anymore :( I have been thinking about ending it latley..... But I know I can't but its when things like this happen that make me want to just end it all! But I know it could be worse so I try not to complain much :/
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I hear voices three to be exact its a form of psychosis called schizophrenia you should see a doctor they will treat you with proper medications :)
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.... Did you not Read what I said?
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Hi Elizabeth:

I'm not a doctor, and I don't have schizophrenia, but I have family members who suffer from forms of it.

I don't think you are hearing the kind of voices that people with this disease do.  I think you overheard your mom, mistook what she said, and the anxiety from your OCD is causing you to obsess about this.

Again, I'm not a medical professional and cannot possibly diagnose you, but this is just my opinion.   I assume you are under the care of someone for your OCD?   Please talk to him/her about this so you can put your mind to rest.
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I read it liz I thought you wanted info about SZ
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Record yourself thinking something uncomfortable or in question of your morals. I'm just curious but you may be unconsciously whispering. "Hearing voices" it happened to me. I was whispering what I thought outloud my whole life I'm 18 and no one told me.
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