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Random Thoughts of God Normal/UnNormal

Hi Everyone, I was raised in church Pentecostal. However Until I was 13 we attended then we stopped going. I am now 28yrs. Everytime I had a crisis, I prayed for Peace. A few months ago my brother died, and every since I have thoughts that there is not meaning to life, NOt suicidal, but spiritualy. We come here to Live Maybe Suffer, and when we Die, we have not consience and there is no other REalm. No Afterlife. Whats the Point? Death Is My Number one fear, (and As a little girl I always had Crazy dreams of the demons bad spirits after me, Or the End of the World Constantly in Dreams.)... So when I would eat, death was on my mind, that I may choke, showering that I may fall, driving that I may Crash, going outside that someone will Harm me.???? OMg. I cant handle this. Now this past Month, its just God, where are you? God are you true, when we Die we just die, we will never know the works of Earth , we will never know what happens to the World, to our Family, What is to come? God What is the point in living, Just as animals dont have souls neither we-must not have any either.  I am going from Spirituality, to Evolutionist.. I dont like the thoughts, are CONSTANT PARANOIDIC TYPE THOUGHTS. God this God that, Death this and Death that. Please help answer these questions for me? I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness, I am hispanic and was raised in church. I would discuss this with my mother and she would just say, Your strong, its just the devil getting to you, YOu dont need medication, that will just clog up your mind. Be strong and Pray.

Someone Please Help..

Viv. Days
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I would say regardless of any religious belief these thoughts are of concern and definitely worth speaking to a psychiatrist about. Btw psychiatrists will respect a person's religious beliefs and background and distinguish that from what is going on mentally and what they need help for. Some of what you describe may have aspects of psychosis and depression but only a psychiatrist would be able to understand it in full but it would be essential to speak to one as all of that is treatable.
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Hi, I am very sorry for your loss first of all.
I understand your questions about God and life and meaning/purpose in life also.
I believe we all ask these questions throughout our lives and when someone we love dies; it exacerbates any uncertaintities we already have.
I do believe that we all have spirits and souls ofcourse and that God does exist.
The questions are to God as to why he doesn't stop our pain and suffering here on earth.  These are age old questions by us all, but remember God can't be comprehended by men. He does love us all and will comfort us when we turn to him.
Perhaps now would be a good time to turn to your faith and speak with someone in the Church of your choice.  I don't know much about your particular faith, but I do rely heavily on Jesus and God.  There are many words of comfort found in the Bible.
We all fear death and at times we may become consumed with it.
When distressed, you may find great comfort and relief by speaking with a therapist or psychiatrist also as well as someone in your church.
I know the spirits of each one of us exists; it's the very essence of who we are and the spirit will never die as God has promised, but will live on with him eternally.
Remember your brother and hold on to the spirit of him and he shall always live in your heart and mind; i'm sure he would have wanted this.
Again, I am very, very sorry for your loss and I hope you find comfort wherever you can find it...you will heal; it will take time, but you will.
May you find peace....and answers.

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