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excessive masturbation in wife

My wife is 29 and her mother is bipolar schizophrenic. about two years ago my wife cheated on me after 6 years or so. We are still together but she is constantly masturbating. When I confront her she blows up into a tyrant. She seems to like me the most in the mornings. She is constantly having problems with people at work and while driving. She just seems hypersexual, but not with me. could she be falling into her mothers illness? Thank you.
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  It would depend on what else is occurring. Besides hypersexuality, difficulties with excessive anger and other emotions can be part of bipolar.
However other concerns would also need to occur as well. The best thing to do would be to encourage her to see a therapist. Then they would
be able to determine whether a further referral to a psychiatrist is needed.
Also going to a talk therapist with them to be able to address
relationship concerns can be of help.
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that's a good possibility people with bipolar are hypersexuality
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