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will it go by its self

ive heard voices since being 17 but also was very depressed as a child but my voices went and came back now ive had them over 4 yrs and rapidly loosing the will to live and no treatment ive been on which is most of it has really helped me im scared  it will never go away again im living in hell please help someone xxx
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Well it depends on what medications you've tried. Generally a psychiatrist uses an antipsychotic for psychotic symptoms and an anti-depressent for depression unless its part of a larger mood disorder such as bipolar in which case they use a full mood stabilizer. But all of this depends on the particular person and what they diagnose. Are you seeing a psychiatrist now? What medications have you tried? And which ones are you currently on? There are an increasing number of options as regards medications. They should be able to find one that will help you.
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hi symmone,
first iladvocate gives good advice.
i understand your situation and want you to know there are always methods whether meds or alternative treatment that will help you....
we need and can learn to live with the voices if meds don't work symmone...
i'm here to support you and help in any way i can; the voices can leave you feeling really badly i know...remember that there are also temporary distractions such as video games, ipods, mp3 players, hobbies, televsions, exercising, writing, keeping busy and ofcourse talking with someone who understands...please talk with someone symmone; you'll feel so much better.
Very important to know that you're not alone in this at all...
so many hear voices for so many different reasons; you'll be okay...smile please...
take iladvocates advice and mine too-: )
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I have the polar opposite problem where meds work for me but they told me I'm sensitive to psych meds from the reactions I had so they try to keep me on a low dose that is very borderline between nontherapeutic and therapeutic and plus the last one I was on for about a year started wearing off I guess.  They sort of have a low count that they go by though where they say things like this after just two medications being tried if the information I read was correct.  Things like my paranoia never go away even at the highest effective dose but I think of it less the higher my dose is so in a way it gets rid of it while a few things like my voices in my head haven't come back yet except tiny bits and pieces few and far inbetween.  Some of us just have to learn ways to adjust to it.  I don't know how long you've had it but they told me I probably am doing as well as I am because I've had it most of my life so over time you can learn coping mechanisms.
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